Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Work @ BeautyExpo10

I has been busy ever since I came back from Kuala Lumpur…hubby going to Singapore, company annual event preparation, family…so till now I have time to sort out those photos in my memory card

About my work at BeautyExpo10…busy…I slept almost at 1am everyday and woke up at 7am…old lady now so I don't need too much of sleep…maybe

This is our exhibition booth during BeautyExpo10

And we camwhore before the exhibition start…shhhhhhh

We had a workshop about salon hygiene too…so please look for BARBICIDE logo before you enter a nail salon!

It is so important for the salon owner to sterilize all their tools using a hospital grade disinfectant, trust me you don't want to hear or experience those salon horror story.

Again before the workshop start, we did the usual stuff again….till our bosses make laugh of our "camwhore look"

Emily….how come you so photogenic!!!



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