Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Favorite Mascara

I have plenty of mascara!

See…I told you! I have a storage for mascara…it's almost full!

Which one of them is my favorite…obviously two on the top of my mascara storage.

The PINK one is Dejavu Lash Knockout and the YELLOW tube was the latest mascara from MaybellineSuper Film.

Both perform well when you talk about VOLUME and most importantly, both can be remove using warm water!!!

Dejavu Lash Knockout

Maybelline super Film


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Matte for your nails? O.P.I Suede

Most of us like glossy finish nail polish but I found matte finish nail polish not bad.

Try to put on matte finish nail polish from OPI.


OPI Suede in Russian Navy.

Kinda suit my current style...

Headed to Party Play again just now, having dinner with a friend. So full till now…the choc fondant still the best.

CNY decor at Party Play....

Party Play had come out with the Amour set menu for the Valentine Day ooooo…stay tune for the menu.



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shhhh…I get something from Shu Uemura

I am so loyal to this brand. I never buy anything twice from a brand unless it is really good. Beside Maybelline, Kanebo and SKII…Shu Uemura always get return business from me.

When I moved back to KK during 2009, I always remind myself to check if I need anything from Shu Uemura when I go back to KL because we don't have Shu Uemura boutique in KK….but now I have no worry about that anymore, now we had one Shu Uemura Boutique at Suria Sabah!!!

My previous SHU's foundation was few drops left….need a replacement. I have been thinking should I get a liquid foundation from MAC or Lancome or Dior but finally I stick back to Shu Uemura because it is GOOD ma….

This time I wanted to try out their new liquid foundation, Face Architect Illuminating Moisture Fluid Foundation….it's claimed that you can get a glowing skin with this foundation but I am lil worried about the word "moisture" because I have a bad experience with Bobbi Brown moisture liquid foundation, reason being I had a combination skin type…my T-zone end up oily. At the end, the whole bottle of Bobbi Brown foundation sitting quietly till now….such a waste L

I can't wait to try out this bottle of fluid foundation. Please wait, as I am so not in mood to makeup this few days.

Shu Uemura Face Architect Illuminating Moisture Fluid

BTW, if you think it is expensive (RM130, 27ml) but for me, it's still ok. I am a heavy user, I make up almost every day, the previous bottle last up to 9 months. Do your month…you will think it's actually not too expensive.

Ohh yeah.....I watched the Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie movie – The Tourist. OMG! The movie was so so so so romantic!!!!



Monday, January 10, 2011


My mood was extremely down for the past one week.

Work? Checked.

Period? Checked.

My Man not around? Checked.

Mood bad till until dinner with family I had no speak a single word. Yes, I know they wondering what happen but I need some privacy for myself

When I am not happy or moodie I will do cleaning job. Don’t ask a single word; let me do it eh….

Fortunately, when I am moodie I have:

Friends? Checked.

Food? Checked….Party Play served good food especially dessert.

Good music? Checked.

Most importantly, my lil man is beside with me.

Although he does drove me mad sometime but when I stare at him when he asleep, the moment is just as sweet as chocolate. Mummy will know what I mean.

Plan to go for a hair cut later on.

Yes, another hair cut. Short hair style needs high maintenance. I wanted to change my hair color as well. My current hair dye was a month ago but….I really need to do this because when a person copying whatever you did, believe it, it’s gonna drive you nuts!

Like what you bought, what you wear, what color of nail polish….seriously like everything till people around you popped you a question “How come XXX wear/used/applied something like you????”



Thursday, January 6, 2011


这几天的心情是掉入谷底那里了。 遇上不知所谓的人。。。这里的 "人"不是一个而是两个!!!



我什么都不怕,就怕"暗箭伤人", 她们俩放的"暗箭"多的数不清,我挡,挡,挡!(大戏奏乐…tok tok tok tok…chiang…)

没能力就别埋怨, 也别把自己的错 赖在他人身上。。。以上的两个人都有这缺点! 但这或许是她们的生存之道。。。可悲啊。。。小人的生存知道!

你们俩可别说你没赖人!我可亲眼看,亲耳听!不须很多人知,挡过你们放的暗箭的人知就够了!你们俩深知 "收买人心之道"也会点"燎原之火"

但你们俩不知 "军中之鬼"中有被发现的一天。。。这天已经发生了哦。。。因为我们这些受害者知是你们俩在我们每个受害者前捏造故事,让我们

每个人对我们每个人都存有偏见。都说了,邪不能胜正咯。所以你们俩的恶行,都一一让我们这些受害者发现了!(nyek nyek nyek nyek….)

但你们生命力顽强! 你们俩就来这招, "装无辜"!够狠! 但是, 我再次强调 "邪不能胜正"! 你们俩继续演吧!!!

我们这些受害者会颁给奖各你们俩的,但是 "最佳女主角"只有一个噢!你们俩看着怎么演吧!

我再一次说明,我不怕你们俩,因为在工,我没做过对不起你们的事, 在私,我的私事与你们俩有何干呢,你们俩非我的亲朋契友噢!


再来,给你们俩一个和蔼可亲的笑脸 J


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