Monday, January 10, 2011


My mood was extremely down for the past one week.

Work? Checked.

Period? Checked.

My Man not around? Checked.

Mood bad till until dinner with family I had no speak a single word. Yes, I know they wondering what happen but I need some privacy for myself

When I am not happy or moodie I will do cleaning job. Don’t ask a single word; let me do it eh….

Fortunately, when I am moodie I have:

Friends? Checked.

Food? Checked….Party Play served good food especially dessert.

Good music? Checked.

Most importantly, my lil man is beside with me.

Although he does drove me mad sometime but when I stare at him when he asleep, the moment is just as sweet as chocolate. Mummy will know what I mean.

Plan to go for a hair cut later on.

Yes, another hair cut. Short hair style needs high maintenance. I wanted to change my hair color as well. My current hair dye was a month ago but….I really need to do this because when a person copying whatever you did, believe it, it’s gonna drive you nuts!

Like what you bought, what you wear, what color of nail polish….seriously like everything till people around you popped you a question “How come XXX wear/used/applied something like you????”



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