Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don’t say sorry

Hubby was sick today, fever caused by infection. BIL sent him to ER this evening and found that he has ulcer at the back of his throat. Hubby has been going through his radiotherapy treatment for three weeks and tomorrow will be the fourth week of treatment.

He just slept and I can't sleep because I have to keep an eye on him and need to make sure lil Jo not to disturb him. I never have seen him suffering like today. We have been through some emergency situation like blood loss during his first surgery but he is not as weak as today. I can't do anything but to stay calm so that he not worries about me. He can't eat because he has been in pain (the ulcer at the throat) and I can't do anything. All I can do is to ask him think positive.

This is our conversation an hour ago before he goes to bed. We were sitting on the couch because he wants to warm up his body before going to bed in the air condition room. Thank God, lil jo going to bed earlier tonight so I can accompany Hubby lie down on the couch.

Hubby: I'm so sorry BB..."

(I did not reply him immediately, and then I told him.)

Me: "If I'm the one who sick and you take care of me and lil Jo, and then I say sorry to you. What would you think?"

Hubby: .....

Me: "Don't say sorry because I am your wife." and I love you.

Hubby I love you, you still young and you can fight it.

Then I help him going to the bed. He feels cold until I can felt that he was shaking.....I am so sad when I see him in pain and can't do a thing to cure him. All I can do is to hug him tightly; tight till he can feel my body warm...that's all I can do until he falls asleep.

I never cry ever since he starts his chemotherapy treatment 2 months ago and I can't believe there was tears came out from my eyes now. He always the one to tell me think at the bright side.

Hubby, if you read this, do not worry, you know I am just too emotional (sometime). J



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warm Babeh, Warm! Stila Blanc Palette

I am a warm tone girl hence warm/earth shade eyeshadow work good on me most of the time and you will see I have hell a lot of warm shades e/s in my drawer especially brown!

Stila Blanc Palette was my one of my favorite earth shade e/s palette when I am still working, the reason was easy because palette, they pack the most match-able e/s into a palette, you will not goes wrong with it. Save time in the morning when I rush to work. One more point to Stila Blanc Palette because it comes with a blush! I picked this up when Stila pull out from Malaysia market. I have been lucky enough when I saw this palette still on the counter when most of the stuff has been sold out.

The e/s colors show up really well and can last at least 8 hours, trust me because I have wearing this to work for 8 hours previously. With the color I can come up a day look and night one. A versatile palette which you should not hesitate to buy (if you still can find one :p).

One last score for the packaging. The cardboard packaging and hidden magnet closure, you have no worry to pack it into your check-in luggage.

I have been taking a lots of photo but only a few showed up the exactly color of the e/s!

(photo taken w/o flash)

Now how this warm baby show up on my eyes! Did this makeup on the other day when I tried the new formulated L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid, click on the product name for the post.

Pic heavy because I can't stop cam whoring! :p

Item I used:

  • L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation in Vanilla Ivory (G1)
  • Shu Uemura Loose Powder
  • Stila Smudge Pot
  • Majorlica Majorca Blush
  • Stila Blanc e/s Palette
  • Empro eye brow pencil
  • Lancome Ocsillation mascara



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I’m FREE! Totally free hand to draw the French tip!

I'm free, totally free, totally free hand to draw the French manicure nail tip!!! Yoohoo! That's does not mean I'm cheat when I did my first French manicure last time. Practice make perfect. Today last year, I am still using masking tape as my stencil to draw the perfect nail tips, then mid of last year, I start practicing to draw the tip FREE HAND! But with a few strips and not the professional 2 STRIPS finishing skill.

This afternoon, I was a lil free so feel want to do french manicure because normally I need to sent a lil more time on french manicure than usual nail polish application. If you DIY french manicure before, you probably know what I mean.

I did this without and special stencil or special drawing brush and I laughing when I finish it! Muahahaha because I'm able to draw the French tip with free hand and finish it with 2 strips! Perfectly drawn French tip with free hand! Perfecto! Alright, I'm not show off, I just too happy and want to share my happiness. :p

Nail polish used to create mine French manicure.

essie Waltz (the tips), essie Blushing Bride and essie Good to Go top coat!

This was my second bottle of essie good to go top coat. A super fast dry top coat!

My tripod broken, I will get one when I going to KL next week, and will show how I do it with 2 STRIPS. Why get the tripod from KL because I have no time to look for one in KK, I need to take care hubby and lil Jo.



[The above was written last night, I was fell asleep right after I done it. :D]

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Painful….some women will suffer period pain every month, I am one of them. Dam painful right now…waiting a movie to burn into a DVD-RW and I want to watch the movie whiles I having my lunch on the sofa! I wanted to do something to distract myself from the pain. Hubby very worried about me, I know. I hate the period pain but I felt relieve because I am not pregnant. Not that I don't like kid, I always hope lil Jo can have a lil brother or sister just that it is not the suitable time yet. At least wait till hubby fully recovers.

I am listening to Coldplay album – Viva La Vida Prospekt's March Edition and waiting for the movie……



Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cute Eye Drops – ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops

I said cute eye drops because it was so tiny and it's in PINK packaging. When I first saw the ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops in jap mag two years ago, my thought "I must get this eye drops when I going to Japan one day!". Although the eye drops was categorize as medicine category but I don't care am I going to use it or not because the packaging just too CUTE!

The packaging.

With instruction but in jap.

Free angle nozzle; drop in any direction you like!

I don't have the chance to go Japan yet. Supposing going there last year for a biz trip but not manage to wait till my ex company send me over, coz I tendered my resignation to move back to sweet home KK. Still I got my sweet Candy to help me get this adorable eye drops from Japan.

There were 2 types,

  1. For Contact Lense User – in light pink packaging
  2. Non Contact Lense User – in hot pink packaging (like mine, photo above)

What the eye drops does? From some mandarin jap magazines, said that the eye drops is to relieves eye inflammation and itching. As I don't read Japanese (should have take Japanese course during uni time) so instruction is useless but we have a wonder created for us we named it as INTERNET ! Google it and found that the eye drops can be use for:-

  • Prevention of eye diseases. Use it after swimming, or due to dust or sweat.
  • Eye inflammation (e.g. snow blindness) due to ultraviolet light and other light ray.
  • Blurred vision in case of excessive eye mucus

So I can use it, no waste of money after all. Cute, small and convenient to bring it everywhere.

Price: 499Yen, about MYR21. I saw some online shop sell it at RM35.

ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops is in medicine category (if you have one too), please stop use it if it cause any irritation/discomfort or you can consult your ophthalmology before you use it.



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEW L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation for 24hours hydration!

I hate if the foundation on my face cracking due to the foundation can’t provide sufficient moisture! Hate it, hate it, hate it so much! Moisture is the key to determine how long the foundation can stay on your face as well! But I got something sweet from L'oreal Paris recently; something can solve my cracking foundation problem!

Again cut my crap short, the sweet thing is L'oreal Paris newly formulated True Match Super-Blending Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid.
Let Mummy Joey tell you a story of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural skin moisturizer and re-plumper moisturizer which can naturally be found in our skin so it's also act like a "sealer" which have the capacity to keep until 20 times their volume in water! Imagine when this thing in exist in your liquid foundation! I don't think it you will have a cracking foundation problem.

Again cut the crap short, right? Nah…here you go, the product.

The packaging – glass bottle, I like it!

(with SPF17/PA++)

With pump means NO MESSINESS.

The texture

OK OK, I know what you want to see! How it works.

Shade I got was slightly fairer than my skin tone. I believe I can find the best match if I try it at the counter to get the correct shade! That's why you have to go to get your perfect shade at the counter!

I found it:

  • Easy to blend.
  • No greasy feel! because I found certain liquid foundation with moisture agent/moisturizer have the greasy feel but not L'oreal True Match
  • Provide medium coverage, enough to cover up my acne mark without any help of additional concealer! Serious dark circle issues like me, please use concealer. Non of above photo been touch up using photoshop.
  • Does not crack or dried up my skin after 4 hours. Good enough for me.
It's said True Match liquid foundation so here some simple guide to get your true match by knowing your skin undertone that's cool, neutral and warm. How do you know your undertone? Simple get your silver and gold jewellery, and put it on.

IF you found:

  1. SILVER jewellery suits you better then you have ROSE/COOL/PINK undertone, or
  2. GOLD jewellery suits you better then you have GOLD/WARM/YELLOW undertone, or
  3. Both SILVER and GOLD suits you then you have NEUTRAL/NUDE undertone

After you know your undertone, choose the matching shade.True Match Liquid Foundation has 9 shades to match your skin undertone perfectly! Again, make an effort to go to find your perfect match, don't ask someone to get it for you because foundation it's your personal cosmetic. :D

True Match Super-Blendable Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid is available since January 2010. Price at RM52.90 (affordable…my youngest sis will love it!)

Products courtesy from L'oreal Paris Malaysia...thanks Connie!!!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lunasol Star Shower Eyes E/S Palette – 05 Close of Night

I have been looking forward to get an eyes shadow palette for a while and lucky me, there was a Kanebo Sale at KL back to October after I moved back to KK. I said lucky me because Wing help me to get the palette!!! :D

Let's see the babeh! Lunasol Fall Collection 2009 - STAR SHOWER EYES

Instruction from Lunasol Website. Although there is a printed in the box but it's in jap.

I got the earth tone shade from the collection – 05 Close of Night

Something special about this collection was, there is a cream eyes shadown in the palette, the bottom left one.

I have been trying the palette ever since I got it but I found it's was not as easy as I thought to master the skill to apply the color even though what I have got was the most easiest earth tone shade.I think the issue is come from the orange shade e/s (top left). I never use any orange tone eyes shadow before.

This was the eye makeup for yesterday outing using this palette, muahahaha…the most acceptable one! My tripod broken hence I am not able to get a superb clear eye close up shoot.

With my current nails! :p
Lunasol Spring 2010 Collection has been release in Japan and Taiwan on Jan 15th! This time, the collection was inspired by nature. I want to get it!!!!

Wing if you reading this I pretty sure you are aiming for Lunasol Spring 2010 Collection too! Candy. I know you already in love with Lunasol and Miu join the club!



Restricted Travel Document to Stay in Sabah!!!

I got my Restricted Travel Document to stay longer in Sabah! I got the document yesterday from the Immigration Department. Without this document, me and lil Jo will be "pendatang haram" (illegal immigrants) at Sabah. LOL!

It's normal to apply working permit or visa to stay at a foreign but it will the same if you are from West Malaysia and you need to stay/work at East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak). Working at East Malaysia you need a working permit. Stay longer and not working, like me you need to apply a Restricted Travel Document for longer stay and you need to renew the document every five years. Citizen from West Malaysia is only allowed to stay at East Malaysia for three months if you don't have the Restricted Travel Document.

This is it!

Don't ask me why we need this document to travel or work in a same country, I don't know so just do it! I don't want to have any problem to travel between West and East Malaysia. When I first told hubby that I need to apply for this document for a longer stay at Sabah, he was like: "Huh? Do you need that?, he didn't even know the existent of this document! But if you want to know the history go to borrow Form 5 history text book from a high school student you will find the reason behind. :D



Saturday, January 16, 2010

[Nail] Sweet Pink with Leopard Print

It's has been long time I did not doing a nail art. I have been too busy with daily routine and running to hospital hence I will only have the time to put on nail polish which normally took 10 to 20 minutes. As for nail art, a bit hard to do so because a little time consumes and when lil Jo around….NO WAY for nail art!

I actually spent one whole day to get this sweet pink leopard print nail art done! Of course it not actually spending one whole day to finish it instead I did the steps at different time. Like I remove the existing nail polish in the morning when I wake up then cut/file my nails after breakfast and put on base coat. Then I send hubby to hospital. I will put on nail polish when I back from hospital at the afternoon. Then after lil Jo slept, I will put on the drawing of leopard prints! So it was actually one whole day to get a nail art done in a way!

Let's see how wild the leopard print is!

Taken few minutes ago becuase I found the pink look sweeter under natural day light!

Items I used:

  1. Strengthener Base Coat using Nail Tek Foundation II
  2. Pink nail polish using essie luscious lips
  3. Nail Art Paint in Light Purple
  4. Nail Art Paint in Black
  5. Gold Glitter using nubar Nail ART A113
  6. Nail Art Drawing Brush
  7. Top Coat using essie super duper top coat

I did this leopard print before for my sis but this was the first time I put it on myself. Leopard print was a hot fashion trend since last year fall/winter and it still carry on until spring 2010. All Japanese magazines are full with leopard print item!

Let's rock with leopard style!!!



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Suria Sabah! New Mall in Kota Kinabalu

Hubby need to go to hospital on daily basis for his radiotherapy treatment now. This morning, he suggested for a movie after his treatment so we went to Suria Sabah – a new mall in Kota Kinabalu City built beside the sea unfortunately GSC Cinema is not open yet L hence we just have a quick walk around the newly open mall, a light exercise for hubby.

There is not much of shop yet only two anchor tenant so far which is Metrojaya department store and Times bookstore! But the most exciting news is we have L'occitane in KK now! Hope more to come especially Shu Uemura kiosk, I hope to see you, please setup a store here! WISH la!

The interior of the mall is pretty grand, all white as for now because not much of store yet, LOL! I like the toilet design, the most descent washroom in KK so far excluding hotel and resort washroom which I have been to.

I just snap a few photos using my phone camera. I did not bring along my camera because why I need to bring to hospital.

The washroom actually the wall behind the mirror is transparent glass and you can see the street out there. Maybe there was a sea view washroom at the other side of the building!

The anchor tenant - Metrojaya

Not much people going to the mall. Hubby was hooting when we walk along this corridor.

New store opening soon – Levi's, I saw the staff arranging their stock now. Gotta get a new pair of jean before CNY.



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls Day Out in Kota Kinabalu with my BFF

It's has been so long I don't have a girls day out ever since I moved back to Kota Kinabalu.

My BFF was here so we went out together for the past two days. The first day we went to her friend spa grand opening cocktail party. HERE for the post.

The first night we went to Upperstar for a drink and guess what? We ended up drink in dark because no current then we just went back to my home and chat until late night

We spent the whole afternoon at 1Borneo Mall yesterday. Although we did not shop like crazy but it always great you can just hang out and chat!

OMG. I am fat! Gotta work out more!

Me and my bestie like this sunny day because we both grew up in Kuala Terengganu!

Then last night we went to his friend spa – South Sea Santuary Spa for massage because I am so dam tired! She went for a foot massage and I good a full body massage. Frankly, this is the first time I really enjoy body massage and I fell asleep when the session almost end! I had a bad experience before



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