Monday, January 4, 2010

My Pregnancy

I like it because I can enjoy the pregnant women privileges! Go to store, shop assistant will help you get anything you want, you can't reach something they will help you right away! Hubby give extra extra extra care! He quit smoking and drinking when I pregnant until now.

I got pregnant after a month he proposed to me! Bad example?! I think depend on you because various people got various thought about pregnancy before marriage. I did the ROM during my first trimester and wedding dinner during second trimester.

How do I look like during my pregnancy?

Pre-weeding photoshoot during third months of pregnancy

Yup, my wedding dinner when my second trimester!

During our honeymoon to Redang Island

Going for movie with friends at One Utama.

I don't like to wear like pregnant lady, show off your bump! Get maternity wear from Dorothy Perkins and Topshop.

Two more months to go!

Share yours if you are mum to be!




Lisa said...

awww joey..u dun have stretch mark ler so stretch mark are horrible even i applied those stretch mark cream before even my bump appeared :( still didnt help much...

Joey said...

Lisa, i gues it's bcoz I have a "spare tyre" (belly) before get pregnant that's why my tummy stilll have place to stretch when my bumps getting bigger

Shin said...

2 more months to go? me too!
how come ur tummy look smaller than mine >.<

Joey said...

Shin, I'm not pregnant currently :) My lil one so small when he's born

xin said...

cool. i guess pregnant before wedding or not doesnt matter if u are already planning to have babies after wedding.

stellarvixen said...

i luv your baby bump!!
its soo womanly...cant wait for my turn to come one day *sigh chuckle

i think its a beautiful gift from you & your SO whether before marriage or after marriage ;)
when you both love each other so much..

hope your hubby is recuperating well !! genki genki

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous during pregnancy! i have friends whose hormones went hay wire and broke out like crazy and was very swollen. but you were gorgeous!

Cheers to you and your family to many great years ahead! =D

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for popping by Joey, you look fantastic during your pregnancy, I looked like I got bitten by the UGLY BUG when i was pregnant, didn't want to take pictures at all hehe :)

Are you going to have a girl or a boy? when are you due?

Joey said...

stellar, thx...i'm sure u will look gorgeous than me if you're pregnant!

Kimoko, Thx. I was lucky no morning sickness or anything :)

Shanghainese Dumpling, THX. It was two years ago :)

Miu said...

nice post about your pregnancy! now i get to see first hand.. how u look like then.. i wanna blog like this too when i have my 1st bump!

ciawei said...

Nice bump and yr lil one so cute!! I like kids, hopefully one day be like u!!!

*Reader of yr blog quite sometimes d :)

Joey said...

Ciawei, thx! You will have a nice bumo too when the times come :) All mum to be are pretty during pregnancy period

Thx for supporting too

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