Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cute Eye Drops – ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops

I said cute eye drops because it was so tiny and it's in PINK packaging. When I first saw the ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops in jap mag two years ago, my thought "I must get this eye drops when I going to Japan one day!". Although the eye drops was categorize as medicine category but I don't care am I going to use it or not because the packaging just too CUTE!

The packaging.

With instruction but in jap.

Free angle nozzle; drop in any direction you like!

I don't have the chance to go Japan yet. Supposing going there last year for a biz trip but not manage to wait till my ex company send me over, coz I tendered my resignation to move back to sweet home KK. Still I got my sweet Candy to help me get this adorable eye drops from Japan.

There were 2 types,

  1. For Contact Lense User – in light pink packaging
  2. Non Contact Lense User – in hot pink packaging (like mine, photo above)

What the eye drops does? From some mandarin jap magazines, said that the eye drops is to relieves eye inflammation and itching. As I don't read Japanese (should have take Japanese course during uni time) so instruction is useless but we have a wonder created for us we named it as INTERNET ! Google it and found that the eye drops can be use for:-

  • Prevention of eye diseases. Use it after swimming, or due to dust or sweat.
  • Eye inflammation (e.g. snow blindness) due to ultraviolet light and other light ray.
  • Blurred vision in case of excessive eye mucus

So I can use it, no waste of money after all. Cute, small and convenient to bring it everywhere.

Price: 499Yen, about MYR21. I saw some online shop sell it at RM35.

ROHTO Lycee Eye Drops is in medicine category (if you have one too), please stop use it if it cause any irritation/discomfort or you can consult your ophthalmology before you use it.




Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

hehe.. my fav la.. i finished my first bottle since i came back from Japan! now using the 2nd bottle! Hope it will last till i go japan again in Apr/May 10!

Jean said...

the packaging so cute!!
But I don't wear specs or contact lens.

Joey said...

candy, i still have a spare one:p

Jean, the one i using now is for user who not wearing lense/spec.

Shin said...

i like this eyedrops too! :)
i brought few bottles back during my last japan trip! XD

Joey said...

Shin, i bet u still have a lot of supply :p

Kelly said...

Does this mean that people who don't wear contact lenses or glasses can wear the hot pink version?

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