Friday, January 1, 2010

Rainy Day

I like rainy day, especially raining late in the evening, cozy weather to sleep in night! It has been raining since late afternoon today, until I fall asleep when I browsing net on my bed just now.

I am sleeping with him now, to give him some warm. I love him so much, and some time he will need to go to bed with him otherwise he will not sleep at all, he wants me to be beside of him all the time.






Lil Jo!

Hubby busy gaming now. I going to sleep.




Popcorn said...

awwww...he is soo cutee~
I don't like rainy days for some reason though. hmmmm...maybe i will change my mind later. hehe.

Miu said...

haiyah! i thought it's a spicy post until i read...

lil jo...

Joey said...

Popcorn, yea he is when he is not moody/fussy

Miu, I not that hamsap :D

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