Saturday, January 16, 2010

[Nail] Sweet Pink with Leopard Print

It's has been long time I did not doing a nail art. I have been too busy with daily routine and running to hospital hence I will only have the time to put on nail polish which normally took 10 to 20 minutes. As for nail art, a bit hard to do so because a little time consumes and when lil Jo around….NO WAY for nail art!

I actually spent one whole day to get this sweet pink leopard print nail art done! Of course it not actually spending one whole day to finish it instead I did the steps at different time. Like I remove the existing nail polish in the morning when I wake up then cut/file my nails after breakfast and put on base coat. Then I send hubby to hospital. I will put on nail polish when I back from hospital at the afternoon. Then after lil Jo slept, I will put on the drawing of leopard prints! So it was actually one whole day to get a nail art done in a way!

Let's see how wild the leopard print is!

Taken few minutes ago becuase I found the pink look sweeter under natural day light!

Items I used:

  1. Strengthener Base Coat using Nail Tek Foundation II
  2. Pink nail polish using essie luscious lips
  3. Nail Art Paint in Light Purple
  4. Nail Art Paint in Black
  5. Gold Glitter using nubar Nail ART A113
  6. Nail Art Drawing Brush
  7. Top Coat using essie super duper top coat

I did this leopard print before for my sis but this was the first time I put it on myself. Leopard print was a hot fashion trend since last year fall/winter and it still carry on until spring 2010. All Japanese magazines are full with leopard print item!

Let's rock with leopard style!!!




Jean said...

So pretty!! I really love this time i do for me foc ah??

Joey said...

Jean, if i have time when i back to KL :D

Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

babe, the crystal on the top coat cap is done by yourself?? very eye catching neh!!

Haha... of course the nail also eye catching la... :P! BTW, how u draw the design? not easy neh!

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