Sunday, January 24, 2010


Painful….some women will suffer period pain every month, I am one of them. Dam painful right now…waiting a movie to burn into a DVD-RW and I want to watch the movie whiles I having my lunch on the sofa! I wanted to do something to distract myself from the pain. Hubby very worried about me, I know. I hate the period pain but I felt relieve because I am not pregnant. Not that I don't like kid, I always hope lil Jo can have a lil brother or sister just that it is not the suitable time yet. At least wait till hubby fully recovers.

I am listening to Coldplay album – Viva La Vida Prospekt's March Edition and waiting for the movie……




Lisa said...

i used to get period cramps too everymonth must take ponstant only can survive ... but lucky after delivered now no more pain hehe even by cser ..i tot ppl says only by natural birth the pain will gone..hope it wont come back go far far from me plsss lol

Joey said...

lisa, i am natural birth.. and it's has been gone for like 2 years, now it cames back, i guess i must avoid to take cool drinks/foods

Lisa said...

huh! after 2 years come back!! alamakk i also take cool drinks everyday..i hate hot drink..'sei lor'

Joey said...

yup, u better jaga-jaga sikit :D but not everyone will be the same

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