Sunday, January 17, 2010

Restricted Travel Document to Stay in Sabah!!!

I got my Restricted Travel Document to stay longer in Sabah! I got the document yesterday from the Immigration Department. Without this document, me and lil Jo will be "pendatang haram" (illegal immigrants) at Sabah. LOL!

It's normal to apply working permit or visa to stay at a foreign but it will the same if you are from West Malaysia and you need to stay/work at East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak). Working at East Malaysia you need a working permit. Stay longer and not working, like me you need to apply a Restricted Travel Document for longer stay and you need to renew the document every five years. Citizen from West Malaysia is only allowed to stay at East Malaysia for three months if you don't have the Restricted Travel Document.

This is it!

Don't ask me why we need this document to travel or work in a same country, I don't know so just do it! I don't want to have any problem to travel between West and East Malaysia. When I first told hubby that I need to apply for this document for a longer stay at Sabah, he was like: "Huh? Do you need that?, he didn't even know the existent of this document! But if you want to know the history go to borrow Form 5 history text book from a high school student you will find the reason behind. :D




Jean said...

I tot this rule is canceled already one?? still got one ah??

Joey said...

The cancelled the rule to use passport when you entering East Malaysia.Now we can use our identity card instead of passport

Jean said...

I see!
I wanted to go Sipadan someday.. you been there before?

kl said...

i dun care..

i wanna know why..

Joey said...

Jean, i never been to sipadan before but i plan to go Mabul Island

kl, LOL then u have to ask the immigration officer or borrow form 5 history text book!

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