Friday, July 31, 2009

NOTD – Shimmering Deep Purple

NOTD - Shimmering Deep Purple with gold

My favourite nail polish will be always deep and vampy colours. This time I am using the Chanel nail polish which I bought months ago – Vendetta, a shimmering deep purple nail polish but the colour only visible under natural light. It ends up like I am wearing a black nail polish, not fun so I decided to do some nail art. For a clear nail art to be seen on the deep purple I am using gold nail polish to draw a little triangle on the side of the nail tips and use the dotter to put on a line of dots.

Photo taken without flash

With flash

Nail polish and tools:

The tools

  1. NailTek Base Coat/Nail Strengtheners

  2. Chanel's Nail Polish – Vendetta
  3. The Face Shop's Gold Nail Polish
  4. Nail Art Dotter
  5. Essie Nail Top Coat



Monday, July 27, 2009

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Free Sample

SK-II a well known with their start product the miracle water – SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and with the price tag (expensive)! With the price tag, do not tell me how well is your product going to be, I will not able to buy something expensive without knowing is it working for me! So free sample first. SK-II knows this, they giving out free sample of their start product, the Facial Treatment Water. Well when we talk about free sample, it is always small, but SK-II free sample is not small at all – 30ml! That is enough for a week supply!

I came across the free sample redemption from their website. I am try to find out more about their product after I seen one of their product form a Taiwan TV show. When googled for SK-II, I saw the "SK-II Sample" pop out, without wasting any minute, I click to their website and did a simple questionnaire and get the sample redemption voucher!

30ml, not an usual sample size

I got this bottle of Facial Treatment Essence last two weeks ago and been using this since 10 days ago. I did throw in some question to the SA, to see is it alright to use this treatment essence with my current skincare. She said that is alright. Following the direction given, I am using the essence twice daily, morning and night after cleansing, lotion (current skincare) and then gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. Not to waste a single drop of the essence I pat the cotton on my face area with spot for 5 minutes, and then remove the cotton follow up with my moisturizer/serum.

After a week of testing, I found my skin more radiant now. What I noticed is my skin absorbs the moisturizer better. I think the product does the work because the main function of this treatment essence is to help maintain skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment ( this meant to allow your skin absorb the moisturizer/sebum better)!

The SK-II price tag is so expensive! Not sure am I going to purchase this after I finish the sample.

Hubby can you buy me the SK-II?



Red Nail Polish can be girly too!

Red nail polish always gave us an impression that's only suitable for those who are sexy or mature. I always pursued my youngest sister to put on red nail polish but she always refuse, she said she's a college girl, and she's not the type with red nail! Arghhh…RED nail is a hip right now! So this time I told her to go RED for her nail, I will put on some lil flower on top of it. She told me that with a lil flower on top makes a lot of different, more girly like.

Here you go.

Actually I plan to take some nail art course. Anyone know where i can take those course? Please let me know.



St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set – My Sister Result

As I promised, I want to get my sister to try this product. When I asked her to try this product, she asked me: "You sure or not, my "strawberry" is kind of stubborn one!" Well the result tells everything.

Click the image for clearer view.

She was so surprised because she told me she tried a lot of product but it won't work but St. Clare at least show her some result!

Click HERE for St. Clare Treatment Set Review.



Friday, July 24, 2009

Kiehl’s Party

Attention gals! There is a Kiehl's Party in town! Where, when and how to get a free ticket?! Easy, please go to Von's blog to find out more.

At Kiehl's Store at Pavilion KL
August 8, 2009
2 to 4pm


There will be a video presentation introducing you to Kiehl's, a personal 1-to-1 consultation to cater to your skincare needs as well as bath and body products (Kiehl's has a whole wide range of them!), of course there'll be finger food and drinks served, and last but not least, door gifts for all my guests!!! (From Von)

Von is holding a contest to select 25 reader of her blog to attend this party together with her!

Who want to go? Me, me, me…! (Raised my hand). Why I am interested? Hey, a pharmacy since 1851 and their product range are WIDE! They even have a product line for BABY and PETS!!!



Thursday, July 23, 2009

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Sebum Set - No More “Strawberry”

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Sebum set is a deep pore cleansing product from Taiwan. I have heard lots of good review about this product from Taiwan blogger. Looking at their result (photo they showed), I am so tempted to try this product. I do not have a terrible "strawberry" (here refer to nose with sebum), but I am a daily makeup user so I hate it when you can see those little pore around your nose and start pinching those little sebum. This hurt a lot! Finally, I get Chris help me to get this product from Taiwan during her trip to there. She is nice. Babe, thanks for your help!!!

The set contains:
  1. Deep Sebum Softener (20ml) – Clear light gel.
  2. Sebum Purifying Mask (40ml) – White gel mask
  3. Pore Treatment Essence (20ml) – Clear and watery essence

I am using this product after I clean my face. Following the instruction given - 3 simple step!

Step 1:
Use the Deep Sebum Softener to massage around the area you have sebum problem. Massage 2 to 3 minutes then rinse off with water and pat dry.
This step is to soften the sebum and remove the deadskin completely. During massaging my nose with this softener, I smelled something like egg white.

Step 2:
Apply the Sebum Purifying Mask onto my nose area and leave it 20 to 25 minutes to dry or until it's dry completely. Peel it off by pulling the mask from bottom to top direction. And clean/wipe off the left over mask.
Make sure you cover up the skin a suffice amount of mask. Instructions given suggest that to cover up the skin area until you can't see the skin colour or pore.

Step 3:
Last step; apply the Pore Treatment essence on to the previous masked area. This is to minimize the size of your pore.

NOW, let's see my result, I mentioned that I do not have a serious sebum problem on the nose area, but I am surprised that the mask actually pulling out those tiny sebum too.

My "strawberry"!

(Click to ENLARGE for clearer image)

My next mission is to get my youngest sister to try this product. She have a really BIG "strawberry"!



Monday, July 20, 2009

Something from M.A.C and EOTD using MAC Colour Craft

If you are following my blog, I said before I never try anything from MAC, so this was my first purchase from MAC and I got it when I back to KK. Weird…I never been to any MAC store in KL before but I visited the MAC store at Kota Kinabalu.

For the first time, I got their concealer to cover my dark circle and their eyeshadow from their latest collection – Colour Craft Collection, eyeshadow colour that I got is Assemblage (White with silver pearl / Deep Grey / Black with silver glitter / Warm yellow gold). The SA who attended me, Sylvester was so nice. He gave me some sample to try out when I told him that I am interested to know more about their base foundation and liquid foundation.

Select Moisturcover (Concealer)
Colour Craft Collection, Quad E/S - Assemblage

This morning, I tried the Colour Craft Collection mineralized eyeshadow (Assemblage Quad) for my eyes, here is EOTD.

I do not have a proper camera allow me to shoot a good close up shoot so please forgive me for that. I like the colour, at first I am worried to use these quad for daily make up because there is deep gray and black in this quad but fortunately with some tips from the SA it is actually for day make up! The colour is pigmented and different than what I a using previously, even hubby noticed that something different with my eye makeup today!

Right now I am so tempted to visit MAC store to get more eyshadow. Sad I can't go to the latest Estee Lauder Staff Sale to grab more MAC stuff at bargain price! Anyone want to let go anything from the sale? Let me know



First Attempt to do something on my Toes!

This is my very first nail art. Although it's just an easy job but I have been struggling some time to paint something on my nail. I want to try something different instead of just paint my nail with polish. But being a newbie to this, I try this on my toes first instead on my finger nails.

Here you go, flower paint on top of red nail polish. Simple, just make five little dots to make a flower on top of your polish. Then tip some shimmering on top of the flower. Done!

This is the nail polish and tools that I used:

  1. Red colour nail polish
  2. White colour nail polish – for the flower
  3. Gold Shimmer nail polish – a few tip the flower
  4. Nail Art Dotting Tool – you can use toothpick or something with pointed tips but I found it is easier by using this tool.

DIY home manicure saves my bank!



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

M.A.C Colour Craft Collection

I have not tried any MAC product. Yup…you heard me right, NEVER. I know there product is famous and good, especially their eye shadow is much pigmented if compare with most of the brand in the market, but I am a kind of person who like to go natural way even when I done my make-up. Plus, I always heard that most of the MAC counter SA provide a very bad service, hence I never dare to walk into their shop to explore more about their product. Besides that, most of the time their collection is not wearable for me, especially to work. I am OL I can't wear a clubbing make to work, am I right? Clubbing is not for a mummy anymore, at least not for me. Sob sob….poor me, never got a chance to get MAC stuff.

Finally, last week when I checked out their website, I saw this – Colour Craft Collection and this time their eye shadow is in more wearable shades. Just dropped by MAC store at 1 Borneo (largest mall in KK) to see if the collection arrive unfortunately the SA told "Not Yet". No worry I will go there again tomorrow.

Let's see some stuff from Colour Craft (source from Spoiled Pretty).

Mineralize Eyeshadow

Assemblage: White with silver pearl / Deep Grey / Black with silver glitter / Warm yellow gold Odd Bits: Mid-tone Silver Grey / Dusty Rose with gold pearl / Dark burgundy / Peachy bronze
Fashion Patch: Ice Blue / Off white / Black with silver glitter / Light white pink
Eccentricity: Rich gold / Light violet / Deep plum/Rich bronze
Natural Flare: Copper / Yellow orange / Dirty brown / Rich gold
Girlish Romp: Dirty violet / Yellow white with gold pearl / Light pastel coral / Mid-tone pink

Mineralize Blush

Hand-finish: Light pink with deep gold veining
Fad-dabulous: Dirty Burnt coral with yellow gold veining
Daft Pink: Deep blue pink with light white yellow veining
Improvise: Mid-tone neutral coral with light white yellow gold veining
Cheek & Cheerful: Mid-tone bronzy brown with yellow gold veining
Style Demon: Dirty brick red with copper veining

Mineralize Skinfinish

Sunny By Nature: Rich Bronze with pink pearl
Cheeky Bronze: Soft Golden Coral with bronze pearl
Porcelain Pink: Soft pinky coral with gold veining
Triple Fusion: Soft Champagne Gold/Soft Golden Pink/Rose Pink with Golden Nuances
Smooth Merge: Soft Champagne Pink/Deep Rose/Pale Cool Pink
Warm Blend: Antique Gold/Mahogany/Copper


Pretty Pattern: Warm dirty beige Crazy Haute: Blue pink
Nice Mix Up: Burnt ginger
Funky Fusion: Pink coral
Eclectic Edge: Cool violet
Miss Marble: Muted pink


Madly Creative: Pink neutral with white pearl
Ever Embellish: Plum brown with red pearl

Made with Love: Bright coral pink
Colour Crafted: Milky pink
Trimming Talk: Bright fuchsia
Most Popular: Purple with yellow undertone



Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finally, We Reach Home!

Yay, I am so happy that finally I reach Kota Kinabalu. I love the food over here. It will be an eating marathon. Hubby already planned which shop for breakfast and for the next six days and he already started the marathon once we landed, we had dinner at home and all I can say is "Gooood". Lil Jo is so happy when he saw grandpa, Uncle Patrick and Uncle Tom, and great grandma. As for my plan, I want to have home cook soup every dinner. Our maid can cook a very good Chinese food (she's Indon). I need a rest and plan to visit to some places like Pilipino Market and beach!!! Next Tuesday, I need to go to the M.A.C store at 1 Borneo Mall to check out their latest collection – Colour Craft.

Tomorrow I can sleep as late as I want because lil Jo can look for grandpa, or uncle in the morning. I feel so relaxing right now, hope I won't gain too much of weight from this trip. Good night!

Hey, before that, want to show you something that even I can't believe – a giant size mango, bigger than my palm. Here you go, the evidence.

If Daddy did not tell me this is a mango, I thought it is a papaya.



Friday, July 10, 2009

My First Time!!!

My first time gave to my best friend. Babe! Come back, do not think too far. I was talking about manicure. I did a manicure for my best friend. It is a French manicure, I did the shaping, buffering and painting.

Not bad!!!:p

Elaine, thanks for become my guinea pig, muak muak!



Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tunes I’m into Lately

Black Eyed Peas fifth studio album, The E.N.D

Girls would like to share with you on the latest Black Eyed Peas album – The E.N.D aka The Energy Never Die, tunes I'm into it lately.

I love their songs since my university time, that's was six years ago. This is their latest album ever since their last album four years ago. Like the title of the album, their energy never dies, this album bring a lots of surprise – dance stuff, electronic, some techno elements. I especially like the Meet Me Halfway, I Gotta Feeling and Alive.

This album brings me energy every when I am alone in the office.



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What’s in my bag?

An idea to have a "BAG POST" after reading some Taiwanese showing the contents in their "Doraemon pocket", here refer to make-up pouch. In this post I will show you my:

- My recent daily use handbag
- My make up pouch/case
- Weapons I carry around

At the end of the post I will tag a few blogger to show you their baggie.

My Bag:

Here you go, my recently daily use handbag, a black carrying case from Charles & Keith. What a spacious bag which I can dump everything inside it, most importantly I can bring my netbook everywhere I go.

These are the items I carry along with me every day:

  1. My purse
  2. iPod Nano – this is my life when there is no one in the office
  3. Make up pouch – a GWP's from KATE
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Key pouch
  6. Reusable shopping bag from Envirosax
  7. Office access card
  8. Hand Lotion – from L'Occitane, the scent…lovely, not greasy at all

Alright, now is show time for the "Doraemon pocket" – my make up pouch, let see what inside there:

  1. Compact powder – most important item for touch up
  2. Eyelash Curler
  3. Mascara
  4. Eye shadow Base
  5. Gel Eyeliner + Brush
  6. Eyebrow Pencil
  7. Blush + Brush
  8. Lip glosses
  9. Nail Filer – be prepare so I can file my nail when
  10. Miniature Nail Polish Top Coat – top up when there is scratches on my nail polish
  11. Hand Sanitizer
  12. Miniature perfume
  13. Cotton Wipe
  14. Q-tips - to clean up eyeshadow or mascara smudge at the end of the day

Now, I am interested to know the contents in their baggie and makeup pouch. I tag Miu, Von, Hanna, Ning, Chris and Plue.



Make-Up Makes Me Happy

I guess all girls like make with a simple reason because it makes us look good! Well, today I want to show my face without any make up. Yes, a naked face without anything on it! Then I will show you an after effect after make-up.


My problem:
- Where is my eye brow and eyelashes?
- Dark eye circle.
- Blemish all over.


At least I look more presentable after make-up.

Now you had seen mine, show me your face now! I tag: Miu, Von, Hanna



Monday, July 6, 2009

Chanel Aqualumière Gloss

Chanel Aqualumiere - Glass Quartz

This is my first Chanel cosmetic. I never buy any lip gloss more than RM30, but after I try their lip gloss at the counter I love it because of the water-like look! The shade I got is Glass Quartz, and I am so surprised that the gloss shines even though it is without shimmery particles. I do not like lip gloss content shimmery particle because the particles will leave on my lip after I wipe it off and I do not want to leave any of those shimmering on my hubby check (Yes, after a kiss his cheeks)

If you are familiar with their lip gloss – Chanel Glossimer come with a sponge applicator but Aqualumière come with a brush applicator. I am so appreciated this because I found it is easier to apply glosses with brush. I don't feel sticky at all but the staying power is moderate, but I don't mind that, because I can re-apply it and make it faster to finish up a tube.



Friday, July 3, 2009


It's a belated birthday gift from my best friend. Such a surprise when I found a Swarovski box in my bag. Elaine…I love you so much and I love the necklace so much. I think lil Jo like it too, because he ask me to put it on once he saw the necklace.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekend Outing

Wow! It has been some time since the last time I going out with girl friend. So last weekend I went out with my best friend for shopping, actually she is the one who need to shop for cloths, makeup stuff and shoes for dinner. I plan to shop but need to save up for my trip back to Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Yay!!!! It's another long holiday for me, countdown one more week, then I will be off from work and just escape to a nice, relax, comfy holiday. Oh no, I can't wait until the day going back to a sweet home and here I come home cook food and beef steak noodle, Tuaran Mee...drooling.

Alright, back to weekend outing last week. Whole day long shopping at the mall, let see what I got last week. First, we went to Zara, they have sale on going, tried out a lots of cloth, if I could, I want bring all the cloths back with me but nope, I have to watch our! But I still get something I have been looked for some time- a pair of short pants, similar design I saw in those Japanese magazine. Finally something a short pants to match with t-shirt for a casual outing, I seldom wear short pant when I going out.

Guess what i get from their

Then girl friend want to restock her some make up stuffs from CHANEL, dam….Elaine why you did this to me?! Why you bring me along?! But thanks to you, now I know why girl been crazy for their nail polish -Vendetta (No. 483), a shimmering midnight purple, which I heard this shade is an popular shade and when they first launch this shade at US, it was sold out at most of their counter. While my girl friend looking for her stuff, I occupied myself to play around with their lip-gloss. Yes, I got myself a lip-gloss, like it so much. Want to showed you girls for the shades but I forgot to snap some photo because too busy playing around with their stuffs.

Last but not least, I bought the Asience Deep Nourish Shampoo and conditioner each 550ml at RM50++. Big hugs to Miu! Thanks for the updates on the Asience event.

Stay tune, I will come back with Chanel lip gloss and Vendetta review soon.



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