Monday, July 27, 2009

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Free Sample

SK-II a well known with their start product the miracle water – SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and with the price tag (expensive)! With the price tag, do not tell me how well is your product going to be, I will not able to buy something expensive without knowing is it working for me! So free sample first. SK-II knows this, they giving out free sample of their start product, the Facial Treatment Water. Well when we talk about free sample, it is always small, but SK-II free sample is not small at all – 30ml! That is enough for a week supply!

I came across the free sample redemption from their website. I am try to find out more about their product after I seen one of their product form a Taiwan TV show. When googled for SK-II, I saw the "SK-II Sample" pop out, without wasting any minute, I click to their website and did a simple questionnaire and get the sample redemption voucher!

30ml, not an usual sample size

I got this bottle of Facial Treatment Essence last two weeks ago and been using this since 10 days ago. I did throw in some question to the SA, to see is it alright to use this treatment essence with my current skincare. She said that is alright. Following the direction given, I am using the essence twice daily, morning and night after cleansing, lotion (current skincare) and then gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. Not to waste a single drop of the essence I pat the cotton on my face area with spot for 5 minutes, and then remove the cotton follow up with my moisturizer/serum.

After a week of testing, I found my skin more radiant now. What I noticed is my skin absorbs the moisturizer better. I think the product does the work because the main function of this treatment essence is to help maintain skin's natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment ( this meant to allow your skin absorb the moisturizer/sebum better)!

The SK-II price tag is so expensive! Not sure am I going to purchase this after I finish the sample.

Hubby can you buy me the SK-II?




Sonya said...

How expensive is it? I hate it when you like something, but it's the most expensive thing out there :(

Joey said...

Sonya, it is nice but still it is too expensive for long term usage :(

Over here, the smallest size - 75ml retail for MYR180 (USD50++)

Anonymous said...

I used many beauty products But never satisfied with them. I m thinking for use it.
free samples

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