Thursday, July 23, 2009

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Sebum Set - No More “Strawberry”

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set

St. Clare Sebum Treatment Sebum set is a deep pore cleansing product from Taiwan. I have heard lots of good review about this product from Taiwan blogger. Looking at their result (photo they showed), I am so tempted to try this product. I do not have a terrible "strawberry" (here refer to nose with sebum), but I am a daily makeup user so I hate it when you can see those little pore around your nose and start pinching those little sebum. This hurt a lot! Finally, I get Chris help me to get this product from Taiwan during her trip to there. She is nice. Babe, thanks for your help!!!

The set contains:
  1. Deep Sebum Softener (20ml) – Clear light gel.
  2. Sebum Purifying Mask (40ml) – White gel mask
  3. Pore Treatment Essence (20ml) – Clear and watery essence

I am using this product after I clean my face. Following the instruction given - 3 simple step!

Step 1:
Use the Deep Sebum Softener to massage around the area you have sebum problem. Massage 2 to 3 minutes then rinse off with water and pat dry.
This step is to soften the sebum and remove the deadskin completely. During massaging my nose with this softener, I smelled something like egg white.

Step 2:
Apply the Sebum Purifying Mask onto my nose area and leave it 20 to 25 minutes to dry or until it's dry completely. Peel it off by pulling the mask from bottom to top direction. And clean/wipe off the left over mask.
Make sure you cover up the skin a suffice amount of mask. Instructions given suggest that to cover up the skin area until you can't see the skin colour or pore.

Step 3:
Last step; apply the Pore Treatment essence on to the previous masked area. This is to minimize the size of your pore.

NOW, let's see my result, I mentioned that I do not have a serious sebum problem on the nose area, but I am surprised that the mask actually pulling out those tiny sebum too.

My "strawberry"!

(Click to ENLARGE for clearer image)

My next mission is to get my youngest sister to try this product. She have a really BIG "strawberry"!




Miu said...


SaSa said...

my nose breathing so kuat, the white mask i peel off always got many lubang 1 -_-''' but can clean a lot from my bf big strawberry nose , wakakakaka~

Joey said...

Sasa, you using this too? I like this product.

yoora-shi said...

hi, may i know where to buy this in malaysia? i went to several sasa shops and they claimed that they didn't have this product. ;(

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