Monday, July 20, 2009

First Attempt to do something on my Toes!

This is my very first nail art. Although it's just an easy job but I have been struggling some time to paint something on my nail. I want to try something different instead of just paint my nail with polish. But being a newbie to this, I try this on my toes first instead on my finger nails.

Here you go, flower paint on top of red nail polish. Simple, just make five little dots to make a flower on top of your polish. Then tip some shimmering on top of the flower. Done!

This is the nail polish and tools that I used:

  1. Red colour nail polish
  2. White colour nail polish – for the flower
  3. Gold Shimmer nail polish – a few tip the flower
  4. Nail Art Dotting Tool – you can use toothpick or something with pointed tips but I found it is easier by using this tool.

DIY home manicure saves my bank!



1 comment:

T.H said...

wow nice, first time here :)

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