Monday, July 27, 2009

Red Nail Polish can be girly too!

Red nail polish always gave us an impression that's only suitable for those who are sexy or mature. I always pursued my youngest sister to put on red nail polish but she always refuse, she said she's a college girl, and she's not the type with red nail! Arghhh…RED nail is a hip right now! So this time I told her to go RED for her nail, I will put on some lil flower on top of it. She told me that with a lil flower on top makes a lot of different, more girly like.

Here you go.

Actually I plan to take some nail art course. Anyone know where i can take those course? Please let me know.




Sonya said...

You have really nice long fingers!!!! I love the red nail on your skin-tone.

Anonymous said...

Nice color Joey! plus good nail polishing technique. I'm zero in nail painting..coz i don't wear them...

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