Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Gel Eyeliner

The first time I saw Maybelline Gel Eyeliner is from Japan magazine. The product was no.1 seller in Japan. What's in my mind, no way how a drugstore product can beat the counter product, of course there is exceptional for product like KATE and Marjolica Marjoca. Besides Japan magazine, a lot of Taiwan bloggers were actually gives a thumb up for Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. I have been waiting it to be launch in Malaysia for quite some time. Yay! It's finally here!!! I saw it at Watson last weekend, and grab it right away.

Maybelline gel eyeliner comes with an eyeliner brush and the sell it at RM39.90. This is cheaper than KATE gel eyeliner. It's comes with three colours:- 01: Black, 02: Brown and 03: Blue. But I cannot see the blue one on the rack. The product claimed that Smudge Proof and Water proof. These are not important to me because I do not have an extremely oily lids issue. I am more care about the texture of the product and the brush quality.

Let's talk about the gel eyeliner itself. What my experienced is exactly what they claimed; creamy gel texture yet dries quickly after application. If compare with Stila Smudge Pot, I like this more, Stila Smudge Pot is drier. The creamy and smooth texture makes my eyeliner application process easier. Talk about smudging, it does not smudge at all after staying 8-hours on my lids. I am not sure if this will be the same for oily eyelid, I need to get someone to try it.

Now the exclusive brush, surprisingly the quality of the brush is superb. The bristles are soft enough yet give a good control during application, no wonder in Taiwan they called this exclusive brush as "calligraphy brush" I kind of person who like to clean the brush after I am using it so what I found the brush does not shed after washing.

It's actually bad news for me to discover such a good gel eyeliner with an affordable price because before I bought this I got the Shu Uemura Paintng Liner at RM75 and I have no time to try it yet, please Shu Uemura, I hope there is no disappointment when I review your product!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NOTD and Nail Polish Haul

How do I start a new week and bring a happy mood to work on Monday? With a nail polish done on the Sunday! This week I am using the Anna Sui nail polish which I bought during Anna Sui Sale.

Wow! Coral Red! Like it.

Another nail polish hauls last weekend. I bought a Nail Tek nail strengtheners - Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy and a few bottles of mini size Essie nail polish.

Nail Polish Haul

Nail Tek II: Intensive Theraphy for for soft, peelingnails

Talk about the nail strengtheners, I used to use OPI Nail Envy which cost RM110 a bottle but I always have an issue whereby the content become thick and end up I need to waste half bottle because I cannot apply it evenly on the nails. Then the shop owner recommended me Nail Tek Intensive Theraphy. Well, I do not mind to try new product and guess what - Nail Tek II: Intensive Therapy is only half of the price of OPI Nail Envy. I can save a lot if I know about Nail Tek earlier! I guess what we pay for OPI product is for their marketing cost.



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anna Sui Sale

Yay! Finally I had the chance to grab something from Anna Sui but with a cheaper price. There was a sale last week, and guess what, there is no SUPER OLD STOCK all their stuffs are manufactured last year. But I kind of regret I went there in the evening time because all the popular item….gone, all gone! L.

The sweetest stuff

Anna Sui is Cosmetic is well known with the adorable and dreamy design. The

What I got from this sale:

  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Loose Compact Powder UV
  • Loose Compact Powder Case
  • Nail Filer – I like handle with the signature design
  • Nail Polish

The nail polish and the liquid eye liner have the rose scented smell. Love it.

Nail Polish

Liquiq Eye Liner

Look at the loose powder casing, so adorable, my sister like it so much. Should have taken the hair brush too but no worry I will wait for the next sale.

Loose Powder Case

The next item I want to get is their signature fragrance - Anna Sui.



Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday! I never celebrate my birthday since high school. I cannot see what is the purpose to celebrate it with a party, to celebrate I am one year older?! What I did last time to celebrate my birthday is having a dinner with family or my mum will make some "red dyed eggs" (in Hokkien we called it "Ang Ge Nui") it's a tradition for Hokkien family to make it and give it as birthday gift. Now, I will have dinner with Hubby, and I will buy something for myself as my birthday gift, buy something I wanted but never had an excuse to get it! :p

I never get or ask someone to get me a cake to celebrate my birthday! I mean I could not finish a whole cake, if keep the leftover at the end I will throw it away, such a waste of money.

But today I got a cake from a supplier of my company, so surprise that why would they send a cake for me. Never mind, since they have sent it over, lil Jo can have it, hope it is a cheese cake!

Thank you so much to the person who sends the cake… Steff and Sam



Friday, June 12, 2009

Lancôme Cils Design PRO Mascara – Double Brush Mascara

Besides collecting perfume, I am also a mascara collector. Mascara is a must for me, so I am hard core mascara user, I can't live without it. Alright let's talk about one more beloved mascara from Lancôme.
I got this mascara – Lancôme Cils Design PRO last Christmas, the product claimed that it can transform your eyes with a true-false lash effect. After a few time trying (not more than 5 times), I found it does not give me "Wow" effect so it become my least favourite mascara. But last week I finally mastered the correct way to apply this mascara and it does the work!

Lancôme Cils Design PRO mascara is a mascara come with double brushes meant it's come with two applicators.

Two applicator (brush): A traditional brush and a comb brush.

Traditional brush: Volume up and lengthen the lash. It is quite narrow which allow me to reach the corner lashes.

Comb Brush: The new exclusive Design Pro™ Mini Comb enhances hard-to-reach outer corner lashes for a beautiful, wide-eyed, false-lash look.

Let's the photo tell the story:

Like what I said, you have to master the skill to use this mascara otherwise you won't be able to get the true-false lash effect. Use the regular wand as you normally would and the comb for the outer corner and bottom lashes for extra drama. The first few times I used it, I have some issue with comb brush whereby the comb brush causes clumping. I solved the problem by using eyelash curler to curl my lash first (usually I do not use eyelash curler) and guess what, no more clumps. Do not ask me why, because I not sure, I was accidentally discover this when I try to use my newly bought Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

One more trick, when you use the comb brush make sure that you are combing the lash not "touching" your lash. If you are "touching" the lash you will not get the defining effects and you will end up with clumping issue.

Hope the tips helps if you having issue with this mascara.



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flash Mob! Don’t be panic if you meet them.

Well this is not a beuty post, but something to brighten up you day. Came across something related about flash mob this morning. A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, and then quickly disperse. Wow! Large group of peoples doing the same thing at the same time at the same place, sure you will be panic if you bump into them especially I saw a Ninja flash mob video from YouTube. But after you realize that, it is actually quiet entertaining.

I came up an idea of a group of girls put on a lipstick at the same time in front of Pavillion.


Sunday, June 7, 2009


Another new nail polish added to my collection. This time try up another colour from Revlon, I got Vixen, a yummy berry colour and sexy! I like it, very feminine.

The other one is from The Face Shop, product code GL112, a gold colour. This does not match me very well. I think this is more suitable who have a fairer skin tone.


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