Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday! I never celebrate my birthday since high school. I cannot see what is the purpose to celebrate it with a party, to celebrate I am one year older?! What I did last time to celebrate my birthday is having a dinner with family or my mum will make some "red dyed eggs" (in Hokkien we called it "Ang Ge Nui") it's a tradition for Hokkien family to make it and give it as birthday gift. Now, I will have dinner with Hubby, and I will buy something for myself as my birthday gift, buy something I wanted but never had an excuse to get it! :p

I never get or ask someone to get me a cake to celebrate my birthday! I mean I could not finish a whole cake, if keep the leftover at the end I will throw it away, such a waste of money.

But today I got a cake from a supplier of my company, so surprise that why would they send a cake for me. Never mind, since they have sent it over, lil Jo can have it, hope it is a cheese cake!

Thank you so much to the person who sends the cake… Steff and Sam




Miu said...

Happy Belated Birthday Joey!

May u be abundantly blessed :)


Sonya said...

Happy belated birthday, Joey!! Your cake looks delicious!!

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