Friday, June 12, 2009

Lancôme Cils Design PRO Mascara – Double Brush Mascara

Besides collecting perfume, I am also a mascara collector. Mascara is a must for me, so I am hard core mascara user, I can't live without it. Alright let's talk about one more beloved mascara from Lancôme.
I got this mascara – Lancôme Cils Design PRO last Christmas, the product claimed that it can transform your eyes with a true-false lash effect. After a few time trying (not more than 5 times), I found it does not give me "Wow" effect so it become my least favourite mascara. But last week I finally mastered the correct way to apply this mascara and it does the work!

Lancôme Cils Design PRO mascara is a mascara come with double brushes meant it's come with two applicators.

Two applicator (brush): A traditional brush and a comb brush.

Traditional brush: Volume up and lengthen the lash. It is quite narrow which allow me to reach the corner lashes.

Comb Brush: The new exclusive Design Pro™ Mini Comb enhances hard-to-reach outer corner lashes for a beautiful, wide-eyed, false-lash look.

Let's the photo tell the story:

Like what I said, you have to master the skill to use this mascara otherwise you won't be able to get the true-false lash effect. Use the regular wand as you normally would and the comb for the outer corner and bottom lashes for extra drama. The first few times I used it, I have some issue with comb brush whereby the comb brush causes clumping. I solved the problem by using eyelash curler to curl my lash first (usually I do not use eyelash curler) and guess what, no more clumps. Do not ask me why, because I not sure, I was accidentally discover this when I try to use my newly bought Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

One more trick, when you use the comb brush make sure that you are combing the lash not "touching" your lash. If you are "touching" the lash you will not get the defining effects and you will end up with clumping issue.

Hope the tips helps if you having issue with this mascara.



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prettybeautiful said...

i love this!!!! this is the only mascara i actually bought 2 tubes! ^5

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