Sunday, October 14, 2012

Away to KL…..

I were away to KL last week for meeting but I have extended my stay for another to shop at H&M.

Schedule was packed with meeting with all the product manager, like I have said many times previously, business is tough at this time. Election is coming soon but no one knows when it's gonna be and that is the main reason things not moving.

Have this once landed at KKIA, why we can't get Dove chocolate here in KK?! It was so good…..
Fringe cut is the choice, I have not get bored with it yet.

Craved for Korean cuisine…so there was this Korean restaurant at Isetan One Utama Mall. The food is so good, the lady boss was so polite and nice…Korean she is. I went there for dinner with my colleague twice in 3 days.

My outfit, took it in the new washroom at One Utama Mall….so nice! I am talking about the washroom as mirror everywhere in the washroom. LOL…yes, cuz I am female and narcissism.

Had this macaroons from a Chef who set up a temporary place at Isetan to promote his macaroon. For some of you always hang out at One Utama, I bet you have seen this cute and hamsem Chef.
Macaroon from Epicurean…it's so good but I don't have fridge to keep it and it got melted the next day when I left it in my sister's BF car. But still taste good when I had it at airport although the filling melted.

Indulge myself a little…


Hangout at Lot 10 with my youngest sister…we came here because of H&M. We spent 5 hours in H&M!

Maxi dress….I have planned this outfit cuz it is easier when come to dressing! Long que and I need to be fast!


I got all these! Jaw dropped when I pay…totally unexpected amount. Not expensive at all if compare to MANGO, ZARA! I love the price tag so much….so affordable! Wish I could get more for Lil Jo! Next trip…
Finally went to this food court at Lot 10. Me and my sister was super hungry after H&M, I guess that's why we have put aside those calories count.
Bought some graffiti tees for Lil Jo.

That's all…got to check out my braised pork now.



Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fringe (:

For one whole year of 2011 I was on boy hair style when I was in beauty industry where by I can go bold if I want to.

After I got on board in my current company, I need to be go down to earth a little…got to kept my hair a little lady so I kept my hair to grow and grow but still monthly hair salon visit make me itchy to change my hair style.

I thought this would be the best till I got bored.

But then cut and keep and cut till now I go for FRINGE J which was suggested by Julia my hair stylist from Hair Cut Salon. She is the best in town in whole Kota Kinabalu.

Here goes the fringe. I was a bit sceptical about it when Julia go for fringe but after a while….:)
Like it.
and then it get shorter...

Quarter ending this month makes my stress level go to maximum level, I could not sleep well for the past few weeks. I knows from heart that I am not a person sitting there and wait without even try to do my best which is the main cause of burn out...stress.
Business is tough these days but again tough environment make us strong in the future if we survive it. .


Friday, September 21, 2012

Stress Out so Shout Out Loud

Guess I am not good in stress management.

Stress out, this is one of the reason I am no likey of quarter ending. In my line, we will be chasing number (referring to quota) like crazy unless you do not give a dam shit care about the job or responsibilities.

I am always doing my best but guess sometime people might not appreciate and always told myself I have done my best but still…..

Hubby do not like Adele but for me her song is the nice peak when my mood is down cause I can sing out loud in the car while playing her song, especially Set Fire to the Rain, Turning Table.

Singing out loud in the car right after I park my car in the parking lot, people passing by must thing that I am popstar wanna be.

He will be the one I want to hug the most when I feel stress...doing my best of not getting angry to him cause of stress cause of work.

Wish me lots of luck to go through next week with happy face.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Pilgrim Danish Design Jewellery

I in the dilemma of picking the title for this post, first I am so excited to found this website, MYSALE. It’s an online shopping website selling rare luxury brand.

Then I am super happy to discover this jewellery line, Pilgrim from Denmark. Their design is so unique. So so so unique!

Look at the neck piece I wore today once I saw the parcel from MYSALE of my order 2 weeks ago.


 I received yesterday, my parcel in two weeks time! Will talk about MYSALE in the next post.

Let me begin to flash up what’s in the parcel. Bought 5 pieces of jewellery at RM156, shipping included via POS MALAYSIA AIR!

Brand tag with their tag line I suppose. “Danish Design”.
Checkout their website at

Leather necklace with this big statement design.
So ethnic design but it does not look weird at all to pair up with my blazer! (see the first photo)

I like the tulip flower! So Danish….

The bracelet
It said this product contains precious stone.

Long necklace! Simple, sophisticated design!

Necklace, do not know what the design call for sure it insect inspired. Overall, this pieces is the most “lady” like jewellery.

Last one, a Love Maze pendant, if my memory serve me well, that’s the product description on the website.

I did not know that the back of the pendant with this….love it!

I need to look for a suitable long necklace to pair with it…

and that's all for now.



Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Weekend

Hot….do not like to stay in the room at this hour…hot.

It’s merdeka holiday (Independent’s Day) and it’s also long weekend, yoohoo! I have been waiting for it but but but, it’s month end and as a culture in our industry, working routine during month end is chase number in order to meet month end closing quota. No fun at all when you cannot meet the requirement.

My weekend plan for the past few days was, eat drink watch movie and become lazy bum which we did so.

Month end means payday, so here come the monthly grocery time.

Finally, Starbucks put a pin on Suria Sabah Mall. I always mumbling that there is no place serving good coffee in that particular mall.

Try to sit on the cozy couch with Lil Jo but most of the time he turn into monster…he can’t sit quietly for too long.

I scratch my car recently. And I felt so dump of this kind of mistake.

Did not know that the Southern Comfort is so sweet…and yes the price tag RM68 per bottle so we got it from Labuan duty free.

Brought Lil Jo to the beach last weekend…love it. Why…this is why.

Lil Jo want me to take a photo of all the stuff we bought for him…opps, it sound like his mum but he dun has a blog bah….

Hope I can update spend some time to do something l ilke.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Instant Wipe Off with Biore

What do you need if you need to instantly clean up your makeup or your body? 5 years ago there is such a product…erm, if my memory serve me well. Oh yeah, there is something you can use 5 years back to serve that purpose, BABY WET WIPES or know as wet tissue.

Today, there is hell a lot of similar product out there claim to have that function as well and come with a very good and nice packaging which I would it will create impulse buying from a consumer (like me) but seriously not much of those product really work well when come to remove the makeup or clean up the body with sweats.

Ehem….yes, I say that! Because I have discover something really good recently. For me who like to work out outdoor, jog in the park instead go to gym, I desperately need something which can remove my makeup I wore to work every day! And after my run I need something to clean up my sweat before I get into my car and go to groceries store to get my next day breakfast supply.

This is the full makeup which I put on everyday, only week day.

So to remove the makeup (:  Go for Biore Cleaning Oil-in Cotton. Available at Watson, at RM6.90 per pack of 10 wipes.

Woah…I tell you this product is really a must in each girl’s bag. It’s really clean all those makeup (except mascara) on your face, clean! Those black colour thingy was my eyeliner!

You can see those photo took in my car! As I went for my run straight away after work. I use to carry a small bottle of Shu Uemura cleaning oil with me, but still find it very troublesome. Now with this Biore Cleaning Oil-in Cotton, which come in handy packaging, life get easier.

Alright, done my run! How to get to minimize those stickiness of sweat! Hohoho, this product which I going to share is really awesome, awesome, really awesome! Well, towel will absorb those sweats no doubt but how about the stickiness? Odour?

Biore Body Powder Wipes come to rescue. Oh yeah, you hear me right, it is a wet wipes come with powder.

Love the packaging so girly!
This product work like this, the powder will leave on the skin while the wipes clean. Going to show you a video commercial (CM is the word they use in Japan), save the scene of wiping my armpit to you all, I am not sexy after all, here you go.

It comes in two scent, Fresh Citrus and Fresh Soap, obviously, the one in green is citrus and in pink is the floral. Available in Watson nationwide at RM7.90 per pack of 10 wipes.

 Come in handy packaging, after each and every session of run, pull one piece of the wipes from the pack and wipes, and I get refresh and smooth Powdery feeling after used! Remove odour, perspiration and stickiness with just one wipe!


Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have abandoned my blog space for a while. Browsing through my blog here and notice there’s a lot memory for the past three years, sad, happy, tough time, bitter, spicy, sour…ehhm tomyam soup… (:

There was no time for me to write and I have to confess that there are a lot of product review which is half way done and I never post it.
My current job which allow me to earn sufficient live in Sabah but I think I have missed out a lot of stuff which I like to do in the past, like what I said in my profile intro there is once I have gave up money to do something what I like but things change, especially when there is a need for me to change and to start everything over again.
The period of time when he need to get back to corporate to work at Singapore after he done his chemo and radiotherapy, it’s hard. It last a year whereby he only return every two months. Hard, and he is the only one earn for living. Thank God, I able to get an opportunity to link me to my current company, and I earn since last year. It’s nearly a year now to attach with my company, it is hard because I am the only person who need to take care the whole region here and it’s never  been easy for me, think positively and be able ready to take every single challenge. Well there’s never easy money, only hard earn money.
Besides career, family, I have not done enough for my lil man which I felt so bad about it, I have not enough time to spend with him especially weekdays.
 For myself, I have neglected my own need, both spiritual and physical.
So start from today, I want to go for my sport’s routine again, I want to get back to 48KG like 4 months back.
I want to be back to my bunch of peoples which I hang out when God send them to me a year ago.
I want to watch House season 8, continue Supernatural.
I want to blog again….there is a lot of photo which I took for my blog!!!
Ended with a photo when I crash….the ugliest moment of me.

My sick face two days ago. When my customer saw me two days ago…”Wah…you look so sick!”

And my happy face la…as ending instead of the sad face.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

With Him

Still dating him after five years of marriage....

Out for a drink with him today.

He is in the mid settling down my lil man

Enjoying the breeze with him after sending lil man home... :)



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