Friday, September 21, 2012

Stress Out so Shout Out Loud

Guess I am not good in stress management.

Stress out, this is one of the reason I am no likey of quarter ending. In my line, we will be chasing number (referring to quota) like crazy unless you do not give a dam shit care about the job or responsibilities.

I am always doing my best but guess sometime people might not appreciate and always told myself I have done my best but still…..

Hubby do not like Adele but for me her song is the nice peak when my mood is down cause I can sing out loud in the car while playing her song, especially Set Fire to the Rain, Turning Table.

Singing out loud in the car right after I park my car in the parking lot, people passing by must thing that I am popstar wanna be.

He will be the one I want to hug the most when I feel stress...doing my best of not getting angry to him cause of stress cause of work.

Wish me lots of luck to go through next week with happy face.


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