Monday, September 17, 2012

Pilgrim Danish Design Jewellery

I in the dilemma of picking the title for this post, first I am so excited to found this website, MYSALE. It’s an online shopping website selling rare luxury brand.

Then I am super happy to discover this jewellery line, Pilgrim from Denmark. Their design is so unique. So so so unique!

Look at the neck piece I wore today once I saw the parcel from MYSALE of my order 2 weeks ago.


 I received yesterday, my parcel in two weeks time! Will talk about MYSALE in the next post.

Let me begin to flash up what’s in the parcel. Bought 5 pieces of jewellery at RM156, shipping included via POS MALAYSIA AIR!

Brand tag with their tag line I suppose. “Danish Design”.
Checkout their website at

Leather necklace with this big statement design.
So ethnic design but it does not look weird at all to pair up with my blazer! (see the first photo)

I like the tulip flower! So Danish….

The bracelet
It said this product contains precious stone.

Long necklace! Simple, sophisticated design!

Necklace, do not know what the design call for sure it insect inspired. Overall, this pieces is the most “lady” like jewellery.

Last one, a Love Maze pendant, if my memory serve me well, that’s the product description on the website.

I did not know that the back of the pendant with this….love it!

I need to look for a suitable long necklace to pair with it…

and that's all for now.



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