Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fringe (:

For one whole year of 2011 I was on boy hair style when I was in beauty industry where by I can go bold if I want to.

After I got on board in my current company, I need to be go down to earth a little…got to kept my hair a little lady so I kept my hair to grow and grow but still monthly hair salon visit make me itchy to change my hair style.

I thought this would be the best till I got bored.

But then cut and keep and cut till now I go for FRINGE J which was suggested by Julia my hair stylist from Hair Cut Salon. She is the best in town in whole Kota Kinabalu.

Here goes the fringe. I was a bit sceptical about it when Julia go for fringe but after a while….:)
Like it.
and then it get shorter...

Quarter ending this month makes my stress level go to maximum level, I could not sleep well for the past few weeks. I knows from heart that I am not a person sitting there and wait without even try to do my best which is the main cause of burn out...stress.
Business is tough these days but again tough environment make us strong in the future if we survive it. .


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