Sunday, October 14, 2012

Away to KL…..

I were away to KL last week for meeting but I have extended my stay for another to shop at H&M.

Schedule was packed with meeting with all the product manager, like I have said many times previously, business is tough at this time. Election is coming soon but no one knows when it's gonna be and that is the main reason things not moving.

Have this once landed at KKIA, why we can't get Dove chocolate here in KK?! It was so good…..
Fringe cut is the choice, I have not get bored with it yet.

Craved for Korean cuisine…so there was this Korean restaurant at Isetan One Utama Mall. The food is so good, the lady boss was so polite and nice…Korean she is. I went there for dinner with my colleague twice in 3 days.

My outfit, took it in the new washroom at One Utama Mall….so nice! I am talking about the washroom as mirror everywhere in the washroom. LOL…yes, cuz I am female and narcissism.

Had this macaroons from a Chef who set up a temporary place at Isetan to promote his macaroon. For some of you always hang out at One Utama, I bet you have seen this cute and hamsem Chef.
Macaroon from Epicurean…it's so good but I don't have fridge to keep it and it got melted the next day when I left it in my sister's BF car. But still taste good when I had it at airport although the filling melted.

Indulge myself a little…


Hangout at Lot 10 with my youngest sister…we came here because of H&M. We spent 5 hours in H&M!

Maxi dress….I have planned this outfit cuz it is easier when come to dressing! Long que and I need to be fast!


I got all these! Jaw dropped when I pay…totally unexpected amount. Not expensive at all if compare to MANGO, ZARA! I love the price tag so much….so affordable! Wish I could get more for Lil Jo! Next trip…
Finally went to this food court at Lot 10. Me and my sister was super hungry after H&M, I guess that's why we have put aside those calories count.
Bought some graffiti tees for Lil Jo.

That's all…got to check out my braised pork now.



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