Sunday, August 26, 2012

Instant Wipe Off with Biore

What do you need if you need to instantly clean up your makeup or your body? 5 years ago there is such a product…erm, if my memory serve me well. Oh yeah, there is something you can use 5 years back to serve that purpose, BABY WET WIPES or know as wet tissue.

Today, there is hell a lot of similar product out there claim to have that function as well and come with a very good and nice packaging which I would it will create impulse buying from a consumer (like me) but seriously not much of those product really work well when come to remove the makeup or clean up the body with sweats.

Ehem….yes, I say that! Because I have discover something really good recently. For me who like to work out outdoor, jog in the park instead go to gym, I desperately need something which can remove my makeup I wore to work every day! And after my run I need something to clean up my sweat before I get into my car and go to groceries store to get my next day breakfast supply.

This is the full makeup which I put on everyday, only week day.

So to remove the makeup (:  Go for Biore Cleaning Oil-in Cotton. Available at Watson, at RM6.90 per pack of 10 wipes.

Woah…I tell you this product is really a must in each girl’s bag. It’s really clean all those makeup (except mascara) on your face, clean! Those black colour thingy was my eyeliner!

You can see those photo took in my car! As I went for my run straight away after work. I use to carry a small bottle of Shu Uemura cleaning oil with me, but still find it very troublesome. Now with this Biore Cleaning Oil-in Cotton, which come in handy packaging, life get easier.

Alright, done my run! How to get to minimize those stickiness of sweat! Hohoho, this product which I going to share is really awesome, awesome, really awesome! Well, towel will absorb those sweats no doubt but how about the stickiness? Odour?

Biore Body Powder Wipes come to rescue. Oh yeah, you hear me right, it is a wet wipes come with powder.

Love the packaging so girly!
This product work like this, the powder will leave on the skin while the wipes clean. Going to show you a video commercial (CM is the word they use in Japan), save the scene of wiping my armpit to you all, I am not sexy after all, here you go.

It comes in two scent, Fresh Citrus and Fresh Soap, obviously, the one in green is citrus and in pink is the floral. Available in Watson nationwide at RM7.90 per pack of 10 wipes.

 Come in handy packaging, after each and every session of run, pull one piece of the wipes from the pack and wipes, and I get refresh and smooth Powdery feeling after used! Remove odour, perspiration and stickiness with just one wipe!


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