Monday, August 30, 2010

Camera Rolling, Action and Cut!

Yeap, it's a video shooting session held at the nail salon where I work. I can't reveal what it is about till this coming September.

It was a tiring day but I am so happy to help up.

Behind the scene.

Little rest after standing for so long. Red crocs

Again you shoot me I shoot you.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Pudding head and L'oreal Paris Professionnel iNOA

I would prefer my hair dye with color but there alway a point which I hate so much..this pudding head

Pudding head so UGLY!

I wanna to dye my hair soon, at least before my next trip to KL. I dun wan to look ugly when meeting up with old friends.

I have done some research in the tow on the cheapest re-dye price! Well right now price is not issue for if your salon using this LATEST hair colour product from L’oreal Paris Professionnel – INOA Technologie ODS

L’oreal Paris Professionnel iNOE Technologie ODS which is a hair dye with NO AMONIA!

OK, although price is not an issue when try out a new product but please don’t over charge me….plzzzzzzz. I don’t think there is a lot of salon using this latest hair dye product in KK now so I think I going to do t at a salon where my FIL go for hair cut.

Hope someone read this post and offer me a free try…..just a hope.

Can you (salon owner) see my wish?!



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Name Tag

The last time I wearing a name tag should be during mu high school time. Now, I have one too for my current part-time job. As a manicurist or in servicing industry is always nice to let people recognize you. I made a job when I received the name tag from my boss "Oh bad, people can complain about me easily now!"
Well, I do not worry about that as I believe passion with a job able to make a person serious about his/her job.
Our name tags.

My colleague bought a ADORABLE spray bottle which everyone in the salon want to own one.

These is why we crazy about that.
We usually use the plastic bottle (on the left), and she got the aluminum bottle (the silver one)!

It's only RM5 and it's from Daiso! and my colleague got the last one in the store. Arghh " I hate you!"



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cuticle Nipper Cost RM1,200!

Yes, there is one! It does exist, a cuticle nipper cost RM1,200! There is one day after I have clean up the shop then grab a nail magazine and saw this article about "The Battle of Cuticle Nipper"

Battle of Cuticle Nipper

The article is to compare the best cuticle nipper in the market and rank them.

When I saw the one priced at 30K Yen, my jaw dropped and told my colleague that the cuticle nipper cost RM1,200!

Then I asked my boss why it's so EXPENSIVE??? Because it is a HYDRAULIC CUTICLE NIPPER!

The Hydraulic Cuticle Nipper, rank at no. 3

Super clean cut by the RM1,200 Hydraulic Cuticle Nipper.

I would love to have one but now I only afford to get this 3,000Yen!



Essie Summer 2010 Collection

Summer almost come to the end. Fashion and cosmetic world have been rushing for Fall!!!!

Well, we at Malaysia will be summer for 365 days so let's see what Essie Weingarten came out for summer.

Essie Summer 2010 Collection

Which color is your favorite? I like Demure Vixen.



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Night Essence for HAIRS! From L’oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Night Essence

Yeap yeap, nowadays we have a lot of new product such as night crème, sleeping mask for our skincare routine. All these products is meant for night time skincare routine because our body built up new cell during night time. That's why product specially meant for night time skin care routine getting more and more important.

Same for hair! We have L'oreal Paris brought us the Total Repair 5 Night Essence for H.A.I.R!

L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Night Essence

Come in pump bottle.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Apply 1-2 pumps of the essence to washed and towel dried hair from length to tips and leave-in while you sleep without residue on pillow. NON-RINSE.
I am a little skeptical when the product claimed that NON-GREASY. I am so worried about that but I am actually been worry too much about that.

The product is not greasy at all. I apply it onto my towel dried hair right after shower and leave-in till my hair dry (air dry) then go to bed, sleep till next morning then right after I wake up, I am so surprise that I don't have BAD HAIR DAY! My hair condition looks just like I have already blow my hair, bouncy and tidy! I did not lie! The photo I about to show you were taken right after I wake up.

Good hair day!

PRICE: RM 36.90


Friday, August 20, 2010

When there is no VIBRATION, does it work?

Oh no no no. I am talking about my old Lancome Oscillation Mascara, the first tube which I bought last year and the battery has died. I was thinking, it's such a waste just because of the battery has died and I can't use the mascara anymore so I put it to test. As usual, I curl my eye lashes before apply mascara. Then.....

CURLY LASH? Yes, without oscillation it still well perform.

It's still work, of course not as perfect as the application with the vibrating mascara wand. The result is still promising for me.

What I'm trying to do next is to try to replace the battery. If this work, Lancome gonna blame me on the dropping number of the sale for this mascara.



P.A.R.C.E.L for Me Again

Wahahahaha……a PARCEL for me again!!! I did not see this parcel when I woke up 3.30am to the washroom just now. But I just saw it lying on the desk!!! I know who has sent it over!

Why there is delivery in the middle of the night? This is because my BIL working in a courier industry. :p He always bring my parcel back after work if the deliver team can't make it to send over on the same day.

My sleepy look.....

Excited…don't know what they have sent to me this time.



What I have been doing lately

I know my blog post has been dropped like mad, I not able to blog as frequent as previously. I have been busy with the part time job. OK, I know part time job won’t occupied much of my time, the reason being is Lil Jo has been going to school since end of last month so being a mom I would prefer to spend more time with him after I off from work mean my night time with him like communicate with him what he have been doing in school today; play with him/watch his favourite show with him; then lastly bed time story so when he fall asleep, I will fall asleep as well around 9.30/10pm. Healthy routine

When I am not working I try to spend time with Hubby/Lil Jo too. I am working on Saturday so it’s definitely no family event arranging on Saturday unless dinner after working hour.

How about Sunday? I am attending Sunday morning mass then attend RCIA class. What is RCIA class? RCIA – RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR ADULTS are designed for those interested in entering into the fullness of the Catholic faith through a spiritual journey of formation that brings their conversion and faith to maturity. Hubby is from a Catholic family but he did not force me in any form to convert, it’s all about timing when time come you will know. I am so refuse to attend the class at the beginning but I have experience something from HIM. I will talk more in the future about my/our experience. Basically, I will spending half day in the church then go home spend the time with Lil Jo, I am trying to plan an outdoor activity with Lil Jo on the Sunday noon like going to park at the evening time because I have stop my jog after I came back from the recent KL trip! I need some exercise, same as Hubby.

So where have time to blog so much??? Monday, I am free on Monday and I will pre-write some post so I can post up on certain day! Recent update about everyday life will be when I am in the mood. I am so happy that I can give up money (high pay job at KL) over passion which is what I have been doing for my part time job. I still remember a colleague asked me what I going to do after I move to KK, I told him “Nail Technician”, and my colleague said “Huh, you have to wash people feet?!”. It’s not about status, it’s all about are you happy with your life now? I did not realize that until Hubby told me, you can’t really get a job which is your interest but when you have the opportunity to turn your interest into your job…GO AHEAD! Of course you have to start somewhere else, like myself I give up higher pay job. I am learning everyday for my current job and I happy to do that even if I am learning from someone who has more experience but younger than me because it is what I like to do.

Don’t blame money not enough, of course you need money to pay all those necessity for physical life because now I believe that HE know what is good for me and it’s always a way for me to earn enough for my physical need for living, it’s all about what you want for your life. When you become a slave of MONEY you tense to do thing which you not suppose to do including changing your attitude and personality. Hubby looking for a job after he done his treatment, people would think why he has not get a job yet (even myself), he has been trying his best but it is not easy to get a job In Kota Kinabalu especially a profession work, it’s a blessing I can get a part time job. What we have doing is pray to Him, we believe He will give us what we need.

It almost 5am in the morning, got to get some sleep before I wake up in the 6.30am to prepare Lil Jo to school. I woke up at 3.30am to wash room then I not able get back to my dream.

I want to get to my bed now! My current bed sheet…Hubby try to test out something with my camera last night….

Hope you have great day later. :D



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Padang Style Indon Dish at D’ KL

I got to know this restaurant from my lady boss. Once I heard of this restaurant where they serve Padang style Indonesia food, I know I had to try it and my boss gave me this word "They serve authentic Indon food!" and she mentioned all those name which make me DROOL! Name like Ayam Penyet!!!!

So not to wait, I asked Ah Bing, who is a famous blogger from Kota Kinabalu if he wanna join us for dinner. Why him? Cuz I know he like food as well… to be specific GOOD FOOD.

D' KL is located at Kampung Likas, and they are not in any shop premise but they running their business at a bungalow and there is not business sign board to direct the direction. It's not easy to find this place if you do not know there is a restaurant. I went to Kampung Likas, just to find out where is the D'KL. We rounded the village for a while but gave up to exploring, and asked around. Fortunately, this restaurant is too famous, so everyone from Kampung Likas knows D'KL. Just one person we asked for direction and we found it!

D' KL,
Business hour and address as shown on the menu.

The ambience was so Indon, sit on the floor to dine.
Your legs will be a lil cramp after a while but who care.

I like the batik and this make me missed Terengganu so much!

Let me present you Ah Bing!

Not going to talk so much now as I can't wait to show you the FOOD.
Kangkung Belacan

Ayam Bakar Taliwang

Ayam Penyet

Tauhu Telur

Ikan Bakar…there was a special name for this dish but I can't recall it.

Cumi Goreng (Cumi = squid)

The presentation of rice also cun!

Refreshing drink!
Soda Gembira the pink one (aka Happy Soda); Air Serai (aka Leman Grass drink)

I felt extremely high when I had the Happy Soda.
(I am not showing the high face just feel it)

These two guys are busy, one busy to eat and the other busy with the photo he took.

Most importantly, the bill came out - RM75 for all those food!!!! Extremely cheap for these THUMBS UP authentic Indonesian dish!!!

We snapped a photo of those dishes order by another customer…we just had our dinner and now I am drooling for these!

One little reminder, please call for reservation if going there for dinner becuase according to them they are FULL for dinner.



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Short Bob is the BEST cuz SAVE SHAMPOO

Don't laugh, it is very true. I were thinking to keep my hair till shoulder lenght so I can't have different style to match my style for the day but I can't take it anymore! I want my hair to be short, short is the best. Look more trendy and easier to manage (for me).

I am not mad in this photo, just some aunty visited me. I am a friendly person :D

Easy like EASIER to:

2. DRY

and short bob help to SAVE:

2. MONEY - save shampoo, conditioner and treatment price at salon is cheaper
3. ELETRICITY - shorter time to blow my hair dry
5. TIME - shorter time to style bob hair style.

The above is my personal point of view. Give me five if you agreed.

I believe my boss already gave me a five because she went for a hair cut too.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hairs = Problems: L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 To The Rescue

Hair, hair, hair! It's suck when your day is "BAD HAIR DAY". I don't like that at all. Hence I style my hair with flat iron, hair blower every day when I have to work. Even when I am not working I still can't get away from blowing my hair after shower. When do all these styling thing, I am actually damaging my hair at the same time which end up with breakage, dullness, dryness, coarseness and split ends so again and again it's a bad hair day!!!!

Well, I can't just go to salon to have a hair treatment done every single week. Alright, you can do that if you have extra money to spend but it's too costly for me to do that. What I do is start with my daily hair care when I wash my hair everyday! I am choosing something can help my damaged hair! The "something" here ir referred to SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER which specially meant for DAMAGED HAIR.

My current saver for my damaged hair is from L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo and Condition, and Night Essence! One solution for hair to become STRONG, SUPPLE, SMOOTH, SHINY and PROTECTED TIPS. "Therei s no UGLY women, only a lazy one" but 1 Solution to solve 5 common damaged hair problem is so brilliant – time savier.

L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Series:
Repairing Shampoo, Repairing Conditioner and Night Essence (Leave In)

1 Solution to Solve 5 common problems for damaged hairs!!!

Let's have a look on my hair before the using the product.

My hairs look life-less, dried like straw, no shine…sob sob.

Let's wave babeh! See…shine and soft.

All these thanks to L'oreal Research Labotories patented compound – CEMEND-CERAMIDE which has the power to embed (or filled) itself in the space between the hair scales in order to reinforce cohesion.

One more time.
Left: Before shampoo; Right: After shampoo.

BTW, I did not forget about the Leave In Night Essence, yet to try it and try it tonight!

Repairing Shampoo (180ml – RM11.90; 375ml – RM22.90); Conditioner (180ml –RM12.90; 375ml – 24.90)

Lastly, I did my black head removing after my shower. Easier and more effective when those black head became soft and pore is open up after hot shower.



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