Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cuticle Nipper Cost RM1,200!

Yes, there is one! It does exist, a cuticle nipper cost RM1,200! There is one day after I have clean up the shop then grab a nail magazine and saw this article about "The Battle of Cuticle Nipper"

Battle of Cuticle Nipper

The article is to compare the best cuticle nipper in the market and rank them.

When I saw the one priced at 30K Yen, my jaw dropped and told my colleague that the cuticle nipper cost RM1,200!

Then I asked my boss why it's so EXPENSIVE??? Because it is a HYDRAULIC CUTICLE NIPPER!

The Hydraulic Cuticle Nipper, rank at no. 3

Super clean cut by the RM1,200 Hydraulic Cuticle Nipper.

I would love to have one but now I only afford to get this 3,000Yen!



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