Friday, August 27, 2010

Pudding head and L'oreal Paris Professionnel iNOA

I would prefer my hair dye with color but there alway a point which I hate so much..this pudding head

Pudding head so UGLY!

I wanna to dye my hair soon, at least before my next trip to KL. I dun wan to look ugly when meeting up with old friends.

I have done some research in the tow on the cheapest re-dye price! Well right now price is not issue for if your salon using this LATEST hair colour product from L’oreal Paris Professionnel – INOA Technologie ODS

L’oreal Paris Professionnel iNOE Technologie ODS which is a hair dye with NO AMONIA!

OK, although price is not an issue when try out a new product but please don’t over charge me….plzzzzzzz. I don’t think there is a lot of salon using this latest hair dye product in KK now so I think I going to do t at a salon where my FIL go for hair cut.

Hope someone read this post and offer me a free try…..just a hope.

Can you (salon owner) see my wish?!



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