Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Name Tag

The last time I wearing a name tag should be during mu high school time. Now, I have one too for my current part-time job. As a manicurist or in servicing industry is always nice to let people recognize you. I made a job when I received the name tag from my boss "Oh bad, people can complain about me easily now!"
Well, I do not worry about that as I believe passion with a job able to make a person serious about his/her job.
Our name tags.

My colleague bought a ADORABLE spray bottle which everyone in the salon want to own one.

These is why we crazy about that.
We usually use the plastic bottle (on the left), and she got the aluminum bottle (the silver one)!

It's only RM5 and it's from Daiso! and my colleague got the last one in the store. Arghh " I hate you!"



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