Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Padang Style Indon Dish at D’ KL

I got to know this restaurant from my lady boss. Once I heard of this restaurant where they serve Padang style Indonesia food, I know I had to try it and my boss gave me this word "They serve authentic Indon food!" and she mentioned all those name which make me DROOL! Name like Ayam Penyet!!!!

So not to wait, I asked Ah Bing, who is a famous blogger from Kota Kinabalu if he wanna join us for dinner. Why him? Cuz I know he like food as well… to be specific GOOD FOOD.

D' KL is located at Kampung Likas, and they are not in any shop premise but they running their business at a bungalow and there is not business sign board to direct the direction. It's not easy to find this place if you do not know there is a restaurant. I went to Kampung Likas, just to find out where is the D'KL. We rounded the village for a while but gave up to exploring, and asked around. Fortunately, this restaurant is too famous, so everyone from Kampung Likas knows D'KL. Just one person we asked for direction and we found it!

D' KL,
Business hour and address as shown on the menu.

The ambience was so Indon, sit on the floor to dine.
Your legs will be a lil cramp after a while but who care.

I like the batik and this make me missed Terengganu so much!

Let me present you Ah Bing!

Not going to talk so much now as I can't wait to show you the FOOD.
Kangkung Belacan

Ayam Bakar Taliwang

Ayam Penyet

Tauhu Telur

Ikan Bakar…there was a special name for this dish but I can't recall it.

Cumi Goreng (Cumi = squid)

The presentation of rice also cun!

Refreshing drink!
Soda Gembira the pink one (aka Happy Soda); Air Serai (aka Leman Grass drink)

I felt extremely high when I had the Happy Soda.
(I am not showing the high face just feel it)

These two guys are busy, one busy to eat and the other busy with the photo he took.

Most importantly, the bill came out - RM75 for all those food!!!! Extremely cheap for these THUMBS UP authentic Indonesian dish!!!

We snapped a photo of those dishes order by another customer…we just had our dinner and now I am drooling for these!

One little reminder, please call for reservation if going there for dinner becuase according to them they are FULL for dinner.



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