Thursday, August 12, 2010

Short Bob is the BEST cuz SAVE SHAMPOO

Don't laugh, it is very true. I were thinking to keep my hair till shoulder lenght so I can't have different style to match my style for the day but I can't take it anymore! I want my hair to be short, short is the best. Look more trendy and easier to manage (for me).

I am not mad in this photo, just some aunty visited me. I am a friendly person :D

Easy like EASIER to:

2. DRY

and short bob help to SAVE:

2. MONEY - save shampoo, conditioner and treatment price at salon is cheaper
3. ELETRICITY - shorter time to blow my hair dry
5. TIME - shorter time to style bob hair style.

The above is my personal point of view. Give me five if you agreed.

I believe my boss already gave me a five because she went for a hair cut too.


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