Friday, August 28, 2009

NOTD - Stardust

NOTD - Stardust

Its nail post! I always wanted to try black nail polish but my current job is not suitable for me to wear black nail polish! So instead of put on all black polish I try to do something special like this. I named it Stardust because I used glitter polish.

Nail polish that I used:

  1. Base coat/ nail strengtheners
  2. White nail polish, shimmer type
  3. Gray nail polish, with glitter
  4. Black nail polish
  5. Top coat

As for my toes, I go for deep blue. At first, I kind of refuse to put on this colour because it is too wild or "samseng" but never try never know, I like this colour.

It will be a long weekend, let treat yourself with a pedicure and manicure. Trust me you will be in a good mood when you see your nail with colours!!!



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clarins Power to Try Workshop

Awesome! A nice workshop from brought to us by Clarins for Plus Size Kitten readers. Thanks to Miu to invite me to attend this workshop on last Saturday at Clarins Headquarter Training Centre.

The workshop is to let the participants to try out Clarins skincare product through a step-by-step instruction given by the instructor and with the help from Clarins beautician. The content is pack with all the daily skincare tips and we can get full hands on the product so I have no time to snap photo at all because I kept throwing question to the Clarins beautician – Vivian and she is so patient to answer all my doubts.

Clarins HQ Training Centre

Clarins Product for this workshop

The friendly instructor

Although Clarins did not prepare their entire product for us to use but the product range using in this workshop is enough to cater all the participant problem/ need from normal, dry and oily skin type.

From this workshop I have discovered the next skincare product in my MUST HAVE list which is their star product – Shaping Facial Lift Wrap. It's a mask to reduce the face area puffiness, smoothes and redefines the features. Why I love it because the product does it job - my face look more refine.

Besides that, I have learned the correct way to do apply moisturizer and serum and you need to put on toner before you apply facial mask.

Let see what we got as door gift.

A 50% Discount for Facial Treatment Voucher

Samples of HydraQuench Cream Mask, HydraQuench Smoothing Gel, Shaping Facial Lift, Joli Rouge (come with a small brush). There are two more gifts to be collected from Clarins Counter.

My feedback for this workshop. Like what it said "Clarins Power to Try Workshop", Clarins really did a good job to let the participant to try out their product. The Clarins beauticians are nice, friendly and never hesitate to answer my question even though I kept buzzing them throughout the workshop.

Clarins when you going to have another workshop for makeup or body care. Please put me in the list! (raised hand)



Monday, August 24, 2009

[Mascara] RMK Separate Curl Mascara

RMK Seperate Curl Mascara

I tried this mascara during a RMK workshop and I was so surprise with the curl and staying power of this mascara, it's called RMK Separate Curl Mascara. The RMK Separate Curl Mascara tube is a silver metal. I like it because it's look classy but I have to clean all the finger prints after I use it because it catch finger prints.
The mascara is wet in form if compare to my others mascara and I noticed that it dries pretty fast once apply so when I apply it I have to make it fast otherwise it will cause clump lash.

The curvy brush

I don't know why, when I am using a new type of mascara I need to find the correct way to apply the mascara to maximize the effect so the same process goes for this mascara because it has a curvy brush. I have not tried any mascara with curvy brush before (what I can recall). At first found it hard to use but now because the brush is kind of hard to reach the tiny lashes at the corner.
As the main attributes of this mascara is to create a separated and curler lashes so if you need a volume lash, you can apply mascara primer to boost up your lash volume.

Overall RMK Separate Curl Mascara does it job – separate and curl you lashes and I am so surprise that the mascara can hold the curl whole day long and the waterproof formula – SUPER GOOD! But again you need to spend a little time to remove it.



Pyjama Party by Plus Size Kitten

Picture taken from Plus Size Kitten

Yay! Another party invitation from Plus Size Kitten. She is so serious when she invited me to this party. It is a Pyjama Party, yupe you hear me right a Pyjamas Party at Genting View Resort Apartment. We will be doing a lot of girl things like makeup, pedicure & manicure and girl talk.

Who will be going?

1. Miu – Party Host

2.Buaya Wing - Pajama Party decorator

3.Von of VonVon's Interest - Nude Makeover Guru

4. Jess of JessYing

5. Sasa of Sasa Land

Oh boy…can't wait for it! And I know Jess already got herself a pyjama for this party.



Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Nails

This time lets go for something summer. Let's have some fun with bright colour because the latest trend is about BRIGHT nail polish. You can see a lots of celebrity put on bright coral nail polish or neon colour on their finger during this summer.

Nail polish and tools I am using:

  1. Nail Strengtheners/base coat
  2. Nude nail polish
  3. Bright orange nail polish
  4. Red colour nail polish
  5. Yellow nail art pen
  6. Top coat
  7. Dotter

Hope you like it. Do you have a summer nail?



Friday, August 14, 2009

Cute Accessory – Bow Earrings

I have been busy for the past few days busy with work in the office. That's why I have been disappeared for some time.

Although I have been busy, I will never forget to spend some time with hubby, so we decided to watch G.I Joe on Monday evening at Tropicana Mall. While waiting for the show, what else to do in a mall – window shopping. Yea, I thought so but end up buying something, something I have been looking for a while. I came by a small store, where they selling some Korea made accessories and some of them are design by the owner.

I got myself a pair of BOW earrings! I saw this kind of earring in lots of Japanese magazine. I guess bow is the latest fashion hits right now and some Japanese girls tie a bow hair like Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga with her bow hair

I don't have long hair to do so and I don't dare to do so too, so instead of bow hair I got myself a bow earrings. Let's see the bow earring I bought.

The owner is a sweet Korean girl and she is nice because she gave me some free gift. She let me choose a pair of low range earring as gift on purchase and a bottle of foundation primer (aka makeup base).

Guess what I choose for the GOP! Another pair of silver bow earrings. I'm going to give this to my lil sis.

Do you like my bow earrings? If you have something similar, do share with me.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carrying Case for My Weapons – Nail Polish and Tools

I have no idea since when I become a nail art fans and starting to collect nail polish and end up all those nail polish and nail art tools placed everywhere in my home. Messy, messy and, messy and I have to spend some time to dig the nail polish when I need to use it. One more issue, I guess my son is interested to nail polish too because he always asked me: "Mummy, I want put colour!" and he will go to get the nail polish and put on his nail and end up with a mess. To solve all this, I have planned to get a makeup case to store all my weapons but I never have time to look for one until last weekend when I decided to take a nail extension lesson which requires me to carry around all my tools so I go look for one from a saloon supply shop at SS2.

Finally I found one to store all my weapons into it!!! Now I can keep all my nail polish and lil Jo cannot touch it anymore! The size is just enough for me to keep all I have right now, and I pretty sure my nail polish collection will be growing. But it should not be a problem I just need something for me to carry around those weapons to attend classes or do a manicure for my friend!

Right now, when I open the case I felt like I am a PRO! Just joking! Although I am still learning but I will do my best to become a PRO manicurist!!! I really hope I can do that.

Let's have a peek. Tadaaa….

I love this case so much.



Monday, August 3, 2009

Go Wild!!! Leopard Nail

This time, let's go wild. Yesterday, I tried something wild on my sister nails, I told her that we will go wild this time. Here you go, leopard prints on the nail tips.

Tools and nail polish that I'm using:

  1. Base Coat/ nail strengtheners
  2. Turquoise colour nail polish
  3. White colour nail polish – for French tips
  4. Top coat
  5. Nail Art Brush – for details drawing

I think this design can go well with any colour of nail polish! If you have tried anything similar, please share with me.



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