Monday, August 24, 2009

Pyjama Party by Plus Size Kitten

Picture taken from Plus Size Kitten

Yay! Another party invitation from Plus Size Kitten. She is so serious when she invited me to this party. It is a Pyjama Party, yupe you hear me right a Pyjamas Party at Genting View Resort Apartment. We will be doing a lot of girl things like makeup, pedicure & manicure and girl talk.

Who will be going?

1. Miu – Party Host

2.Buaya Wing - Pajama Party decorator

3.Von of VonVon's Interest - Nude Makeover Guru

4. Jess of JessYing

5. Sasa of Sasa Land

Oh boy…can't wait for it! And I know Jess already got herself a pyjama for this party.



1 comment:

T.H said...

hehe.. have fun!

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