Friday, August 14, 2009

Cute Accessory – Bow Earrings

I have been busy for the past few days busy with work in the office. That's why I have been disappeared for some time.

Although I have been busy, I will never forget to spend some time with hubby, so we decided to watch G.I Joe on Monday evening at Tropicana Mall. While waiting for the show, what else to do in a mall – window shopping. Yea, I thought so but end up buying something, something I have been looking for a while. I came by a small store, where they selling some Korea made accessories and some of them are design by the owner.

I got myself a pair of BOW earrings! I saw this kind of earring in lots of Japanese magazine. I guess bow is the latest fashion hits right now and some Japanese girls tie a bow hair like Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga with her bow hair

I don't have long hair to do so and I don't dare to do so too, so instead of bow hair I got myself a bow earrings. Let's see the bow earring I bought.

The owner is a sweet Korean girl and she is nice because she gave me some free gift. She let me choose a pair of low range earring as gift on purchase and a bottle of foundation primer (aka makeup base).

Guess what I choose for the GOP! Another pair of silver bow earrings. I'm going to give this to my lil sis.

Do you like my bow earrings? If you have something similar, do share with me.




♥ 氷姫の世界♥

i got this cute ribbon earring :D

Miu said...

i only have a ribbon headband....that i wear to hello kitty mac event..sob sob

♥ 氷姫の世界♥

i got sell this... if you are interested. :)

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