Thursday, August 6, 2009

Carrying Case for My Weapons – Nail Polish and Tools

I have no idea since when I become a nail art fans and starting to collect nail polish and end up all those nail polish and nail art tools placed everywhere in my home. Messy, messy and, messy and I have to spend some time to dig the nail polish when I need to use it. One more issue, I guess my son is interested to nail polish too because he always asked me: "Mummy, I want put colour!" and he will go to get the nail polish and put on his nail and end up with a mess. To solve all this, I have planned to get a makeup case to store all my weapons but I never have time to look for one until last weekend when I decided to take a nail extension lesson which requires me to carry around all my tools so I go look for one from a saloon supply shop at SS2.

Finally I found one to store all my weapons into it!!! Now I can keep all my nail polish and lil Jo cannot touch it anymore! The size is just enough for me to keep all I have right now, and I pretty sure my nail polish collection will be growing. But it should not be a problem I just need something for me to carry around those weapons to attend classes or do a manicure for my friend!

Right now, when I open the case I felt like I am a PRO! Just joking! Although I am still learning but I will do my best to become a PRO manicurist!!! I really hope I can do that.

Let's have a peek. Tadaaa….

I love this case so much.




T.H said...

wow.. a box full good nail color! great job

Jessying said...

OMG... u got huge collection there.. i thought mine alrdy crazy , yours is totally maddness.. i like that casing too , but 1 problem arise where u store the case ?

Joey said...

Jess, I put in store room at the moment! :D

jacquelyn said...

Joey where do u take ur nails art course??
because i'm also looking the full nails art course...

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