Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sooner become a vampire

Everyone in the town (I think the whole world) is crazy about New Moon movie, ok not all but I bet all women is crazy about Edward Cullen and wish to become Bella. I wish I could go out to have a movie with Hubby but currently it is mission impossible. The next movie I think I have to wait lil Jo get familiar and close with his grandpa, or at least Kak Bogi – our family helper.

I just found out sooner I will become one of the family member of Cullen. Why? Because right now I am active both day and night. Day time I have to take care lil Jo and hubby mean I seldom have time to do my own stuff. Night time, ok it is time for me to do my own stuff but it has to be after 10pm, so most of the time I sleep at 12pm or sometime later.

Nowadays, I always snug in my bed with the netbook and iPod and do my works. Worst part I can't do everything with my netbook, especially when I need to use the art/photo editing software because Hubby gaming using the desktop L Nevermind, he is the King in our home now and for the next one year.

My surviving items during the night. Netbook and iPod.

Browsing, working and blog

What else to do? Cam whoring lo!



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hubby’s Second Course of Chemotherapy

Hubby doing great so far J Right now he is on strict diet, strictly NO OUTSIDE FOOD! Hear me, NO OUTSIDE FOOD (to Hubby). He do not afraid of me because I usually will allow he him to eat a tiny little bit of food I eat (but I do not eat outside food, junk food, preserve food as well) because my food is a little bit seasoning compare to what he eat. Whose he afraid the most, muahahaha…Patrick – my brother in law! Kekeke…finally I know who he afraid of. If I wake him up in the morning, it won't work but if I said Pat ask me to get him up, guess what 10 minutes he will be sitting down stairs eating the breakfast I prepared for him.

He still able to play the piano if lil Jo did not disturb him and playing multi player game like Left for Death and he is waiting for Left for Death 2 now. I want to play my Ninja game….no chance at all.

and we watched Lord of The Ring, suppose to be a LOTD marathon but with lil Jo we are not able to do so

Right now, hubby is not able to carry the lil monster Jo because he has this catheter on his chest. It's a tube on his chest which is use to inject his chemotherapy medicine. To take good care of this, we need to use the oppsite tape to cover it whenevr Hubby need to take a shower and he can't get sweat too much.

Hubby most probably wills start to lose his hair after the third or fourth course of chemotherapy so I told him why don't shave your hair short and do a hair tattoo. He said " Huh…!?". Why not hubby, since you gonna lose your hair why don't give a try?

Hubby will be going to Singapore for his third course of chemotherapy, and this is early morning flight tomorrow and he hates it but "Hubby, no choice it is school holiday season and it was long weekend, peak season!". I think he can't be away from his PC right now, because finally he fix his PC to connect to the wireless connection this morning and he is enjoyed his multi-player game now.

I'm going to pack his supplement now.



Monday, November 23, 2009

Nail: Let’s get party! Glitter Purple Party Nail

Yay! Year end, holiday season, and is PARTY TIME! Besides dress up yourself to a party, dress up your nails too. This time I would like to share a simple glitter party nail, a deep purple party nail.

What you need? As usual, get a good nail base coat and top coat first J

Let's see what I used:

  1. Nail Tek Foundation II – Strengthener base coat for soft/peeling nail
  2. NUBAR in Passionate Purple (NCP21)
  3. Anna Sui Nail art Color N in Gold Glitter (083)
  4. Essie Super Duper Top Coat


  1. Apply the Nail Tek base coat
  2. Apply two coats of NUBAR Passionate Purple nail color.
  3. Apply the Anna Sui Gold Glitter on the nail tips, preferable half of your nail but do not over do.
  4. Last but not least remember to put on Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

I will try do a few more party nail. Stay tune. If you have something in your mind or shade of nail polish you would like to know how to do some design with it, let me know I will try to do it



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall, which lip gloss is my favourite?

Ehmm, I start playing with Mum lip stick when I still primary school. I think everyone did that and I still remember the first lipstick I bought is Maybelline Water Shine lip colour, the first generation one and colour I got is Ginger Ice Tea. Lip gloss is still not a hit during that time. So when lip gloss say hi to the cosmetic world, I love it because I love the glossiness so much and since then I seldom buy a lip stick instead I buy lip gloss.

For now, my favourite lip gloss is Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss in Glass Quartz, I did a gossip for this lip gloss before (link).

Let's see why....

Now this photo is for Plus Size Kitten Contest




Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farewell dinner with friend

Before I left KL, my beloved blogging kaki brought me out for a dinner, the night before I need to pack my stuff in the morning. It was a last minute arrangement, but we have good times, and chat a lot. Miu, Candy and Buaya Wing I missed you all. L

Before I went for the dinner at Sutra @ The Curve, I went to IKEA with Hubby to buy something back to KK since we need to ship some of furniture back to KK home so save some cost to buy something my brother in law need and ship together. Chris saw me in the toilet at IKEA but she not sure if that was me so she did not come to say hi and asked me if that was me the other day after I back to KK. Of course la, the first time I saw Miu at a warehouse sale, I also don't dare to say hi as I am not sure. End up I stare at her for 5 seconds then I ran away and I called to ask her if that was her and she scold me.

Then I went to have a drink with my best friend, Elaine. It has been a while I did not drink, I am so worried I will get drunk!

Some photos we took that night.

Sweet Candy

Buaya Wing

Crazy us.....

Lovely Miu

Miu and Candy in the middle of debating about Candy's Japan trip

Ahhhhhh! Lovely gift from Miu, Candy and Buaya Wing.

Shu Uemura Mika Shu Brush Set from lovely Miu. You know I want it when I ask you that night so you give me as a gift le? But XOXO for you

Khiel's MANGO Lip Balm, from adorable and "siao" Wing (please don't kill me when I back to KL), Right now, I used it every night, love it!

Shu Uemura Deepsea Water and Flirt Liquid Lipcolor from sweet Candy. Candy, muak muak, I wanted to buy from you but again become a gift. But I am greedy get me more stuff from your Japan trip :p

I misses all of you!!!



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A mask will save my face!

Hubby not here, I need to take care Monster Jo alone, that was actually fine for me but when I am period, it's killing me, the period pain! It was a tiring day today, and maybe it was my period make my skin look dull so I need to lie down on my bed and put on a sheet of face mask to chill down myself and my skin.

I am using My Beauty Diary Mask – Red Wine Mask for dullness skin.

Hope it can save my face!!! least I feel better and satisfy :)



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do you like GRAY Nail Polish: Essie Nail Polish Fall Collection 2009 - Chinchilly

Ehmm…GRAY nail polish, is it wearable? This what I thought but the answer instead of "Yes", I will tell you "Yes, yes, yes , yes yes!". Grey is totally wearable! Grey nail polish is suitable for you is you wanna try rocker style. Normally rocker will put on black nail polish but sometime black nail polish is not suitable for those who need a professional look for their career image so you can go for gray.

Whose grey do I wear? Essie Fall Collection 2009 – Chinchilly (Color Code: 696b) a chic and versatile granite gray nail polish. Essie I love you, you never disappoint me!!!



Hubby Treatment Diary: First Course of Chemotherapy Treatment

Hubby flew to Singapore this afternoon. I know he can get through all of this, I am worry because I don't know what to expect as I never met any cancer patient before this but I believe my brother in law and my in law family will be able to help me to get through this. Hubby, I know I am a long winded wife for you but I want to say again "Hubby, I love you and I know we can do this together." I was starting to miss you right after you going to the airport.

Lil Jo is such a good boy today, he behave and such a good boy to finish his food on his own. He know how to use the chopstick already J I know you knew it but what I mean he know how to hold it without our assistance anymore.

Elaine, thanks for offering your time to have dinner with me even though you suppose to have a nice dinner with him ONLY. Thanks babe!

Hubby, you will come back next Wednesday, can't wait to see you. Hubby, promise me you must eat after you come back although the side effect might be killing you.



Hubby, you will get well soon.

I just so worried about hubby condition, he going to take chemo and radiotherapy treatment start next Monday for the next 9 to 10 weeks, and he going to fly to Singapore to do the treatment. I pray to God that he have the strength to going through all this and I sure he will be fine afterward. I really worried I can't go through all this as I don't how he will react to the treatment and the side effects.

At the mean time, I hope lil Jo know how to be good boy and don't keep buzzing his daddy during the treatment period and recovery period. Lil Jo, mummy know you a good boy so don't be sad if Daddy not being able to carry you or play with you for the next six months. But he's been very good and did well during hubby not around, he did not cry for Daddy because I told him "Daddy got sick and going to see doctor." And he tell me the same thing I have told him when I asked him where is Daddy, his answer " Daddy sick sick, go see doctor, and Jojo be good boy."

This few days, both of us try to source out those organic vegetable store around KK city, so I know where to get hubby food when he is not able to travel around. I have decided to take the same diet like Hubby so he do not feel lonely or different from other and let those "oldies" knows even though if you are not sick you can take a healthier diet as well.

I hope I can train lil Jo to like vegetable more in the future. We are strict with lil Jo, we never let him eat fast food or any processed food like sweet/chocolate or any junk food, only once in a while. We both have the same thought that processed food IS NOT GOOD! Besides that, I will do my best to take the same diet as Hubby so he will not feel lonely.

Hubby, I love you and I will be strong. Don't worry about me.



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Something from Hubby Singapore Trip

Hubby went to Singapore right after the next day we touched down at Kota Kinabalu. He went there for a PET scan with my brother in law and my brother in law girlfriend. I asked him to get me the Kao bubble hair dye since I need to re-dye my hair soon and my brother in law girlfriend bought me a Anna Sui EDT and give me some sample skin care which is a lot of them. My hubby told me the beauty counter at Singapore seem like generous enough to give out the sample even though their customer did not ask for it.

Laneige Samples

Anna Sui Live Your Dream EDT

Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye

Some sweet stuff my brother in law bought.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

The moment when moving

We decided to move back to KK two months ago. The moment when I make the decision I am sad because I will be away from my friend at the west Malaysia but moving to KK will be a good place for Jo to grow up and it will be the best place for hubby while recover especially now when we know he need to take the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment at Singapore every week for the next three months. Both of us believe that he will recover J But I have to watch out his diet from now on.

How our packing goes last Friday, here you go…

All the perfume wrapped with bubble wrap

So be prepare if going to move in the near future, because we thought there is not much to pack because we do not have the plan to move everything back to KK home but end up 56 boxes when the moving company let us see the check list. 56 boxes and we thought 10-15 boxes only at the beginning. So like what I said before you never know until the day you pack.

Fortunately, we get a professional mover, they help us pack everything but of course except my personal stuff like bra and lingerie (*SHY*)



Since when…I like CAM WHORING?

Since when did I like to cam whore?! I think since university time, when the digital camera is a hit and a must have digital device. Yeap, a "so lau kee" in hakka mean dummy camera because a digital camera does not need a pre-setting or anything you call it like DSLR need to do before snap a photo.

Cam whoring, this habit stopped when I started working and now it's back again! I found myself snapping a lot of photos since I resigned from my previous job, I guess because nothing to do or less pressure even though I was helping out at my "sifu" company. I find it when you work for something you like is fun although I have to learn everything from scratch.

Here goes stupid me….

While waiting for the plane:

while eating:

while dining:

after outing:

while prepare:



Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to remove cuticle using cuticle oil?

When you are not applying any nail polish on your nail you still have to some basic maintenance like REMOVING CUTICLE and you actually can do it your own. Here I will share with you some steps to remove the cuticle at home using cuticle oil instead of CUTICLE SOFTENER.


  1. Cuticle Oil : I am using Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil
  2. Cuticle Clipper : You will see two sizes in the market, 4mm and 6mm. If you are beginner I would advise you to get a 4mm.
  3. Cuticle Pusher
  4. Warm water
  5. Nail Strengthener
    I am using Nail Tek Intensive Therapy II for soft/peeling nail


  1. Remove all nail polish if you have any on your nails.
  2. Apply cuticle oil on to the nail area with cuticle and massage the nail.

  3. Soak your hand into warm water for 3-5 minutes. Remove your hand from the warm water and dry your hand.
  4. The cuticle should be soft by now, use the cuticle to push the soft cuticle. Sign of soft cuticle – you can easily push it with pusher.

    ATTENTION: ONLY pushing those cuticle overlay on your nail plate. AVOID pushing the eponychium because it acts as a barrier seal to stop bacteria, infection from getting to the matrix.

  5. Use your cuticle clipper to cut the extra cuticle. CAUTION: Cut carefully!

  6. Apply the nail strengthener.

  7. Done! But don't forget to apply your nail strengthener on daily basis!

Now you have a nice pair of hand even though you did not put on any nail polish!



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