Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hubby, you will get well soon.

I just so worried about hubby condition, he going to take chemo and radiotherapy treatment start next Monday for the next 9 to 10 weeks, and he going to fly to Singapore to do the treatment. I pray to God that he have the strength to going through all this and I sure he will be fine afterward. I really worried I can't go through all this as I don't how he will react to the treatment and the side effects.

At the mean time, I hope lil Jo know how to be good boy and don't keep buzzing his daddy during the treatment period and recovery period. Lil Jo, mummy know you a good boy so don't be sad if Daddy not being able to carry you or play with you for the next six months. But he's been very good and did well during hubby not around, he did not cry for Daddy because I told him "Daddy got sick and going to see doctor." And he tell me the same thing I have told him when I asked him where is Daddy, his answer " Daddy sick sick, go see doctor, and Jojo be good boy."

This few days, both of us try to source out those organic vegetable store around KK city, so I know where to get hubby food when he is not able to travel around. I have decided to take the same diet like Hubby so he do not feel lonely or different from other and let those "oldies" knows even though if you are not sick you can take a healthier diet as well.

I hope I can train lil Jo to like vegetable more in the future. We are strict with lil Jo, we never let him eat fast food or any processed food like sweet/chocolate or any junk food, only once in a while. We both have the same thought that processed food IS NOT GOOD! Besides that, I will do my best to take the same diet as Hubby so he will not feel lonely.

Hubby, I love you and I will be strong. Don't worry about me.




Miu said...

May God protect you, Kenneth & Jojo. I will pray for you all. Hope Kenneth gets well soon and be strong like a bull after his treatment. You're such a loving wife & mother, Joey. Take care.

All the love from us back here.

Jean said...

Hope he'll get well soon too!
Take care!

Joey said...

Thanks Miu and Jean. I will take good care of myself so that I can take good care of Ken and Jo (the lil monster)

Anonymous said...

dear father was a cancer patient.after the chemo and radio treatment..i advise dat ur hubby try taking a supplement call "cellfood".u see, most cancer patient lost all their bad n healthy cell during chemo n thus suppkement works to make cell regrowth father survived his stage 4 lung cancer twice..lived healthily cancer free for 5 yrs ( he was 51 when he passed away recently of heart attack..not cancer..due to his workaolic nature).the doctor just did a marker test on him few days b4 his heart attack and declared him cancer-free, but god loved him more..but my point is..try that ok?but only aftyer chemo n radio therapy cos we dun want to revive the cancer cells as well..pls be prayer is for u n family..take care-angelzoe-

Joey said...

Hi, thx for your information :)

Kenneth said...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts in prayers, in words and in mind. You have given Joey more support than you ever know. But rest assure, She will be strong and so will I...

love and thanks,
The Hubby :)

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