Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hubby’s Second Course of Chemotherapy

Hubby doing great so far J Right now he is on strict diet, strictly NO OUTSIDE FOOD! Hear me, NO OUTSIDE FOOD (to Hubby). He do not afraid of me because I usually will allow he him to eat a tiny little bit of food I eat (but I do not eat outside food, junk food, preserve food as well) because my food is a little bit seasoning compare to what he eat. Whose he afraid the most, muahahaha…Patrick – my brother in law! Kekeke…finally I know who he afraid of. If I wake him up in the morning, it won't work but if I said Pat ask me to get him up, guess what 10 minutes he will be sitting down stairs eating the breakfast I prepared for him.

He still able to play the piano if lil Jo did not disturb him and playing multi player game like Left for Death and he is waiting for Left for Death 2 now. I want to play my Ninja game….no chance at all.

and we watched Lord of The Ring, suppose to be a LOTD marathon but with lil Jo we are not able to do so

Right now, hubby is not able to carry the lil monster Jo because he has this catheter on his chest. It's a tube on his chest which is use to inject his chemotherapy medicine. To take good care of this, we need to use the oppsite tape to cover it whenevr Hubby need to take a shower and he can't get sweat too much.

Hubby most probably wills start to lose his hair after the third or fourth course of chemotherapy so I told him why don't shave your hair short and do a hair tattoo. He said " Huh…!?". Why not hubby, since you gonna lose your hair why don't give a try?

Hubby will be going to Singapore for his third course of chemotherapy, and this is early morning flight tomorrow and he hates it but "Hubby, no choice it is school holiday season and it was long weekend, peak season!". I think he can't be away from his PC right now, because finally he fix his PC to connect to the wireless connection this morning and he is enjoyed his multi-player game now.

I'm going to pack his supplement now.




Miu said...

hey Joey, when Kenneth becomes Kojack, pls take pics of him! do it in a fashion pose way. Some guys look sexy with no hair. I wonder if Kenneth will be extremely sexy when this happens? pls dun pounce on him..remember he need energy yap!

YS said...

hi there,

been following your blog, migrated fm miu's then von's and now yours. haha..

i'm from kl too.

i'm just curious, your hubby looks young (i mean young to have cancer), what cancer is it?

and I have to really tapek you for being so strong, have to take care of your young son and your hubby too.

And still have so nice nails (haha, yes i noticed) and boy, you've got really pretty hands. :)

Joey said...

Miu, I think he will sexier than ever with no hair :D

YS, i am so surprise there is silent follower on my blog. No harm to ask, cancer can target anyone nowaday, best way to prevent is have a healthy lifestyle,now Huby is actually doing that and me and other family member keep an eye on that. Its actually tongue cancer and has been remove everything but there is still tiny lil bit left so we go for chemo for save.Doing nails will make me occupied with something at least and I plan to make this hobby as a biz opportunity.

Miu said...

YS: Cancer not prejudice punya ma :(

u updated ur post with pics!!

Joey said...

Miu, yala updated, half way update my post then Jo buzzing me so update some photo the next day lor

Joey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

Joey: Pls tell Kenneth ~ Gambateh!!!!

caixiuxiu said...

Kenneth wil b ok soon...n i cant wait to c his new hairstyle!

stellarvixen said...

i'm a bit shocked when i read this post..while browsing your blog..

i'm sorry to hear your hubby goin thru cancer treatment
Joey is a strong lady, mum and WIFE
i wish your hubby get well soon and be perseverance and positive!

thank you for sharing...

eat your greens~~ :)

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