Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hubby Treatment Diary: First Course of Chemotherapy Treatment

Hubby flew to Singapore this afternoon. I know he can get through all of this, I am worry because I don't know what to expect as I never met any cancer patient before this but I believe my brother in law and my in law family will be able to help me to get through this. Hubby, I know I am a long winded wife for you but I want to say again "Hubby, I love you and I know we can do this together." I was starting to miss you right after you going to the airport.

Lil Jo is such a good boy today, he behave and such a good boy to finish his food on his own. He know how to use the chopstick already J I know you knew it but what I mean he know how to hold it without our assistance anymore.

Elaine, thanks for offering your time to have dinner with me even though you suppose to have a nice dinner with him ONLY. Thanks babe!

Hubby, you will come back next Wednesday, can't wait to see you. Hubby, promise me you must eat after you come back although the side effect might be killing you.




Anonymous said...

pray for joey....hope ur hubby n u will overcome this sickness smoothly....and getting well soon.....may gob bless your family strong babe!

tutu j

Joey said...

Thanks Tutu J. :)

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