Thursday, November 12, 2009

Since when…I like CAM WHORING?

Since when did I like to cam whore?! I think since university time, when the digital camera is a hit and a must have digital device. Yeap, a "so lau kee" in hakka mean dummy camera because a digital camera does not need a pre-setting or anything you call it like DSLR need to do before snap a photo.

Cam whoring, this habit stopped when I started working and now it's back again! I found myself snapping a lot of photos since I resigned from my previous job, I guess because nothing to do or less pressure even though I was helping out at my "sifu" company. I find it when you work for something you like is fun although I have to learn everything from scratch.

Here goes stupid me….

While waiting for the plane:

while eating:

while dining:

after outing:

while prepare:




Jean said...

nice cam-whore photos!!

Vonvon said...

I see some nice photos here...

How's life dear?

Miu said...

You look nice when camwhoring.. :)

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