Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farewell dinner with friend

Before I left KL, my beloved blogging kaki brought me out for a dinner, the night before I need to pack my stuff in the morning. It was a last minute arrangement, but we have good times, and chat a lot. Miu, Candy and Buaya Wing I missed you all. L

Before I went for the dinner at Sutra @ The Curve, I went to IKEA with Hubby to buy something back to KK since we need to ship some of furniture back to KK home so save some cost to buy something my brother in law need and ship together. Chris saw me in the toilet at IKEA but she not sure if that was me so she did not come to say hi and asked me if that was me the other day after I back to KK. Of course la, the first time I saw Miu at a warehouse sale, I also don't dare to say hi as I am not sure. End up I stare at her for 5 seconds then I ran away and I called to ask her if that was her and she scold me.

Then I went to have a drink with my best friend, Elaine. It has been a while I did not drink, I am so worried I will get drunk!

Some photos we took that night.

Sweet Candy

Buaya Wing

Crazy us.....

Lovely Miu

Miu and Candy in the middle of debating about Candy's Japan trip

Ahhhhhh! Lovely gift from Miu, Candy and Buaya Wing.

Shu Uemura Mika Shu Brush Set from lovely Miu. You know I want it when I ask you that night so you give me as a gift le? But XOXO for you

Khiel's MANGO Lip Balm, from adorable and "siao" Wing (please don't kill me when I back to KL), Right now, I used it every night, love it!

Shu Uemura Deepsea Water and Flirt Liquid Lipcolor from sweet Candy. Candy, muak muak, I wanted to buy from you but again become a gift. But I am greedy get me more stuff from your Japan trip :p

I misses all of you!!!




Miu said...

oh u reminded me again about that! i smile at u but u stare at me and "cold treatment" while on phone talking to someone. I dun dare approach u liao after that!!!

URM... it's best to give gifts that someone will love & cherish, so this is your farewell+christmas gift ok. Not sure when will be able to see u :(

Had a great time, makan, chatting, debating, kena hentam!! lol..

Joey said...

yeap, BU....

I hope soon we can meet again. Will discuss with Hubby later, he will be touch down soon

caixiuxiu said...

miss u too..did u get ur Close of Nite d?
show us ur EOTD!!! i cant wait to c..:p

Joey said...

wing, u back?!!!! ot the Close of Night already....wait until lil jo sleep

Joey said...

wing, u back?!!!! ot the Close of Night already....wait until lil jo sleep

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