Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A mask will save my face!

Hubby not here, I need to take care Monster Jo alone, that was actually fine for me but when I am period, it's killing me, the period pain! It was a tiring day today, and maybe it was my period make my skin look dull so I need to lie down on my bed and put on a sheet of face mask to chill down myself and my skin.

I am using My Beauty Diary Mask – Red Wine Mask for dullness skin.

Hope it can save my face!!!

Ehmm....at least I feel better and satisfy :)




Anonymous said...

u should drink some hot drink during your period paint time...

Jessant~Beauty~Corner said...

:) Beauty diary mask's effect is quite good, my favourite is Strawberry yogurt and Natto ..


Joey said...

Have not try Natto before, got to get later :D

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