Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sooner become a vampire

Everyone in the town (I think the whole world) is crazy about New Moon movie, ok not all but I bet all women is crazy about Edward Cullen and wish to become Bella. I wish I could go out to have a movie with Hubby but currently it is mission impossible. The next movie I think I have to wait lil Jo get familiar and close with his grandpa, or at least Kak Bogi – our family helper.

I just found out sooner I will become one of the family member of Cullen. Why? Because right now I am active both day and night. Day time I have to take care lil Jo and hubby mean I seldom have time to do my own stuff. Night time, ok it is time for me to do my own stuff but it has to be after 10pm, so most of the time I sleep at 12pm or sometime later.

Nowadays, I always snug in my bed with the netbook and iPod and do my works. Worst part I can't do everything with my netbook, especially when I need to use the art/photo editing software because Hubby gaming using the desktop L Nevermind, he is the King in our home now and for the next one year.

My surviving items during the night. Netbook and iPod.

Browsing, working and blog

What else to do? Cam whoring lo!




Miu said...

PHEEWWITT?!!!!!!!!! the last pic is so HOT!!!!!!!! adakah ia salah disisi undang undang? kakakak

Joey said...

Miu, hot not good meh? Then how about bikini photo? salah di sisi undang undang or not? :(

Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

wow... weeweee.... hot babe!! haha... still have potential leh!!! love your nightie!!

Miu: i think as long it's not nake should be no salah lah... hahahaha!!!

Vonvon said...

Wow!! So daring you are, dear.... nice photo. Think my hubby would kill me if I were to post such pix in my blog ;P

Joey said...

Just a nightie le, wait till i get a bikini....then hubby might be say something :p

Jean said...!
sleep at 12am is ok even later..mostly around 2am..
my skin become worse liao..>.<

caixiuxiu said...

eh...i dun like Edward Cullen n i dun wish to b Bella...:p
have to take good care of urself! i like ur las pix...v seductive huh ngek ngek ngek

Joey said...

eih...xiuxiu u like Jacob? the werwolf?

caixiuxiu said...

Jacob - not bad la :p
but stil i not Twihard ...LOL

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