Monday, September 28, 2009

[Info] Beauty9 Expo

For those meet up with me very often, I think I have mentioned about this – Beauty9 Expo which will be held on Oct 9 – 12 (Saturday to Tuesday). This will be one of the last two beauty event in Malaysia. There is a lot of beauty stuff and information you can get from this expo like makeup, hair care, nail care and more but I guess the best thing is you might be able to get a lot of beauty stuffs at a very attractive price from beauty expo. I have not been to any beauty expo before this but this year I will be there to help up an exhibitor for a nail product booth.

Expo Dates and Opening Hours

Date: 9-12 Oct 2009, (Friday to Monday)

Opening Hours: 10.00AM to 7.00PM

* This expo is open to public on 10 & 11 Oct (Saturday & Sunday) so make sure you have mark these days in your schedule. Admission will be charge RM10.00 per person


Hall 1 & Hall 2, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur.

Information please visit Beauty9 Expo website.

I will be there to help up my friend so see you there! Look for Essie nail product/My Nail Solution booth. You will see me there. Make sure you go look for the booth otherwise you will regret if you miss itJ

Essie product at Booth No. 1G26



Sunday, September 27, 2009

[NAIL] American French

We all familiar with French Manicure, easy, any pink nail polish as base coat then white nail polish as over the nail tips. But American French Manicure is almost the same except for the tips. For American French you can use any colour of nail polish for the nail tip.

This time, I will use gold nail polish for the tips. Too boring right, how about a little 3D flower? Before put on the top coat use white acrylic powder to create the simple 3D flower. I am still new to acrylic powder, looking forward for better work in the future mean need to have more practices

Stuff I used:

  • NailTek Nail Strengthener (Base Coat)
  • Essie Nail Polish in 546 (Room With A View)
  • Anna Sui Nail Art Color in 083 (Gold)
  • Essie Super Duper Top Coat
  • Nubar Acrylic Powder
  • Nubar Monomer
  • Sculpture Brush

I will use this design for Plusizekitten Nail Art Contest.



Monday, September 21, 2009

[NAIL] Ocean Breeze

Nail time again. I am a girl from East Coast of Malaysia. I always hang out with my sister or neighbour at the beach when I was a girl but living in city almost makes me forgot about the fun at the beach. This time let's do something blue like the ocean.

Here you go:

Nail polish I used:

Remind you about beach? Don't wait and plan for the next vocation!



Sunday, September 20, 2009

Short Curly Hair

Ohh...finally its holiday! A long weekend, I have been waiting for a rest after a busy month. The first thing I did after work is going to salon and gets my hair stylist - John to cut my hair. I need a hair cut a least once every month but this time it was almost two months so my hair style had run out of shape. No way to compromise with messy hair!!! "I need a haircut!" this is what hubby heard for the past one week.

As usual remain short hair although every time John will ask me "Do you want to keep it long?" he knows my answer "No". But this time we did some experiment thing, I asked them how about short curly hair. They said why not so we give a try, John did a little trim and perm my hair.


I not use to this short curly hair style at the beginning but hubby told me I will get use to it.

Tell you something what we did is actually curl my hair using thong, not a permanent perm, I need to see how I look if I perm my hair. I like it but I think I can't maintain it if is a permanent perm, so I decided to get a thong and DIY at home. Beauty Fair coming soon so I will get one from there!

I have been thinking to get this kind of short curly hair style. It is a hit in Taiwan and Korea. Arhh...forget about it until I have a longer hair



Friday, September 18, 2009

Essie Lacy Not Racy

Hola!!! It has been long time I did not update my blog. Busy with work, it was my transition period in my existing company so I have been busy with works before I leave the company.

Here is the nail for this week. I am using Essie nail polish - Lacy Not Racy, a velvety vintage burgundy. Woohooo…I like this colour. Basically I like every colour as long as it look nice and suite my skin tones.



Monday, September 7, 2009

Falsie did the job!

All gals wanted to have long gorgeous lash but for most of Asian gals like might not have it. But there always a way out for beauty alternative like the mascara. Nowadays there is a lot of good mascara to let us have a long, curly gorgeous lash but still there is limitation like you might not get the dramatic effect for party, dinner or most important photo shooting so falsie will step for this purposes.

Just want to show you how falsie work to let every girls have a gorgeous lash. The model is my lil sis. I will show you her look before and after falsie without any makeup (eyeshadow) just falsie and eyeliner apply.



After I applied the falsie, she kept taking photo - non-stop!

Then the week after, I did a makeup for her for a bigger eyes plus the falsie. God, she looked good with it. I only found out this photo when I saw it on her Facebook last week.



Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nail is my precious with Essie Loves Diamonds

All girls have they own precious, for me one of my precious is my hubby and lil Jo. Next precious will be my nails. Yupe, I my nail them like jewel and I did not use it as tool to scratch stuff. If my nail break, I will be sad because it look in-perfect for me. Then come to diamond! Why I like diamond because it is the only stone which BLING! Most of us (I mean women) like diamond, but with the expensive price I am not affordable to collect diamond jewellery, I been working hard to save money for that, hope in the future I can buy a one carat diamond ring to myself.

But now I can treat my nail as jewellery by put on Essie latest limited edition nail polish – Essie Heart Diamonds by Judith Ripka collection of three nail colours infused with genuine diamond dust. Essie is one of the leading professional nail polish brand and this time Essie has been inspired by jewellery designer – Judith Ripka to come out this collection for all of the girls to own their precious. There are three new shades in this collection, 'Put a Ripka Ring on It' (soft pink), 'Heart My JR Jewels' (deep burgundy) and 'Queen of Heart' (true red).

There is more exited news! Three selected bottles will contain a precious stone. One will have a diamond, one a sapphire and one an emerald. What's not too love about buying a bottle of nail polish that might have a diamond, sapphire or emerald in it! I already got mine but too bad I not lucky enough so I will get another two bottles. Wish me luck!

So now let you all have look on the shade of Heart My JR Jewels. Nice deep burgundy.

Now my nails is real precious with!!!



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