Monday, September 7, 2009

Falsie did the job!

All gals wanted to have long gorgeous lash but for most of Asian gals like might not have it. But there always a way out for beauty alternative like the mascara. Nowadays there is a lot of good mascara to let us have a long, curly gorgeous lash but still there is limitation like you might not get the dramatic effect for party, dinner or most important photo shooting so falsie will step for this purposes.

Just want to show you how falsie work to let every girls have a gorgeous lash. The model is my lil sis. I will show you her look before and after falsie without any makeup (eyeshadow) just falsie and eyeliner apply.



After I applied the falsie, she kept taking photo - non-stop!

Then the week after, I did a makeup for her for a bigger eyes plus the falsie. God, she looked good with it. I only found out this photo when I saw it on her Facebook last week.




Pigita said...


can u do a vid tutorial on how to apply falsies?

Always want to try but scared will stick wrongly and look like monster with hair on eyelids instead.

Pigita said...


so many different types of falsies with different arrangement of "lashes" - any suggestions which types look natural?

Joey said...

Pigita, I am new to falsie still need more practice but i'll share the tip in the future.

SaSa said...

I love falsie !!!

Joey said...

I will love falsie more if I can master the skill to put on falsie...

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