Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nail is my precious with Essie Loves Diamonds

All girls have they own precious, for me one of my precious is my hubby and lil Jo. Next precious will be my nails. Yupe, I my nail them like jewel and I did not use it as tool to scratch stuff. If my nail break, I will be sad because it look in-perfect for me. Then come to diamond! Why I like diamond because it is the only stone which BLING! Most of us (I mean women) like diamond, but with the expensive price I am not affordable to collect diamond jewellery, I been working hard to save money for that, hope in the future I can buy a one carat diamond ring to myself.

But now I can treat my nail as jewellery by put on Essie latest limited edition nail polish – Essie Heart Diamonds by Judith Ripka collection of three nail colours infused with genuine diamond dust. Essie is one of the leading professional nail polish brand and this time Essie has been inspired by jewellery designer – Judith Ripka to come out this collection for all of the girls to own their precious. There are three new shades in this collection, 'Put a Ripka Ring on It' (soft pink), 'Heart My JR Jewels' (deep burgundy) and 'Queen of Heart' (true red).

There is more exited news! Three selected bottles will contain a precious stone. One will have a diamond, one a sapphire and one an emerald. What's not too love about buying a bottle of nail polish that might have a diamond, sapphire or emerald in it! I already got mine but too bad I not lucky enough so I will get another two bottles. Wish me luck!

So now let you all have look on the shade of Heart My JR Jewels. Nice deep burgundy.

Now my nails is real precious with!!!



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