Monday, September 21, 2009

[NAIL] Ocean Breeze

Nail time again. I am a girl from East Coast of Malaysia. I always hang out with my sister or neighbour at the beach when I was a girl but living in city almost makes me forgot about the fun at the beach. This time let's do something blue like the ocean.

Here you go:

Nail polish I used:

Remind you about beach? Don't wait and plan for the next vocation!




Kalmo said...

Hi Joey!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a really nice one here. You're so talented with nail polish. I love the fading effect, very popular in Asia but I can never do it right! haha You're so pretty too. :)

Joey said...

wow, Kalmo ur comment make me fly!

Chenni said...

Gorgeous nails.

Jean said...

oh~ so u're a nail art professional!!^^
first time to your blog, linked u!
I love nail arts too but I'm not so good on it..=p

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