Sunday, September 20, 2009

Short Curly Hair

Ohh...finally its holiday! A long weekend, I have been waiting for a rest after a busy month. The first thing I did after work is going to salon and gets my hair stylist - John to cut my hair. I need a hair cut a least once every month but this time it was almost two months so my hair style had run out of shape. No way to compromise with messy hair!!! "I need a haircut!" this is what hubby heard for the past one week.

As usual remain short hair although every time John will ask me "Do you want to keep it long?" he knows my answer "No". But this time we did some experiment thing, I asked them how about short curly hair. They said why not so we give a try, John did a little trim and perm my hair.


I not use to this short curly hair style at the beginning but hubby told me I will get use to it.

Tell you something what we did is actually curl my hair using thong, not a permanent perm, I need to see how I look if I perm my hair. I like it but I think I can't maintain it if is a permanent perm, so I decided to get a thong and DIY at home. Beauty Fair coming soon so I will get one from there!

I have been thinking to get this kind of short curly hair style. It is a hit in Taiwan and Korea. Arhh...forget about it until I have a longer hair




caixiuxiu said...

i like ur short curly hair! it suits u well ...

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Awwww... your short hair curls are so cute :)

Joey said...

Looks like I should get a perm

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