Thursday, November 12, 2009

The moment when moving

We decided to move back to KK two months ago. The moment when I make the decision I am sad because I will be away from my friend at the west Malaysia but moving to KK will be a good place for Jo to grow up and it will be the best place for hubby while recover especially now when we know he need to take the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment at Singapore every week for the next three months. Both of us believe that he will recover J But I have to watch out his diet from now on.

How our packing goes last Friday, here you go…

All the perfume wrapped with bubble wrap

So be prepare if going to move in the near future, because we thought there is not much to pack because we do not have the plan to move everything back to KK home but end up 56 boxes when the moving company let us see the check list. 56 boxes and we thought 10-15 boxes only at the beginning. So like what I said before you never know until the day you pack.

Fortunately, we get a professional mover, they help us pack everything but of course except my personal stuff like bra and lingerie (*SHY*)



1 comment:

Vonvon said...

Wow!! I don't know how many boxes will we have when it's time for us to move. I am just glad that we are not moving this year.

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