Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I’m FREE! Totally free hand to draw the French tip!

I'm free, totally free, totally free hand to draw the French manicure nail tip!!! Yoohoo! That's does not mean I'm cheat when I did my first French manicure last time. Practice make perfect. Today last year, I am still using masking tape as my stencil to draw the perfect nail tips, then mid of last year, I start practicing to draw the tip FREE HAND! But with a few strips and not the professional 2 STRIPS finishing skill.

This afternoon, I was a lil free so feel want to do french manicure because normally I need to sent a lil more time on french manicure than usual nail polish application. If you DIY french manicure before, you probably know what I mean.

I did this without and special stencil or special drawing brush and I laughing when I finish it! Muahahaha because I'm able to draw the French tip with free hand and finish it with 2 strips! Perfectly drawn French tip with free hand! Perfecto! Alright, I'm not show off, I just too happy and want to share my happiness. :p

Nail polish used to create mine French manicure.

essie Waltz (the tips), essie Blushing Bride and essie Good to Go top coat!

This was my second bottle of essie good to go top coat. A super fast dry top coat!

My tripod broken, I will get one when I going to KL next week, and will show how I do it with 2 STRIPS. Why get the tripod from KL because I have no time to look for one in KK, I need to take care hubby and lil Jo.



[The above was written last night, I was fell asleep right after I done it. :D]


Jean said...

I can't do it nicely even when i use tape..>.<
this one really need a lot of practice..

Blair said...

Urghh, mine never turns out looking as good lol~

There are plenty of lip concealers around :) I mentioned some of them here: http://bijinblair.blogspot.com/2009/08/lip-concealers-things-that-make-me.html

Joey said...

Jean, next time i will do a video post to share the tips :D

Blair, no worry, one day u will get ur perfect one too. thx for ur link too, check out now!

xin said...

cant wait to see your video tips. i have been struggling to draw a perfect line with free hand too. unfortunately i still have to depend on the french tips sticker..oops.

Joey said...

xin, will do it when i get a new tripod

Lisann said...

That looks great! I'm still searching for a good polish from essie to do french manicure. The Marshmallow polish did not work very well. Maybe I'll try the Waltz polish.
Thanks :)

Lisann said...

That looks great! I'm still searching for a perfect polish from essie for doing french manicure. I tried marshmallow but it did not work very well. I'll try waltz.
Thanks :)

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