Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[Sweetest Thing] Love from Candy!

I received the parcel on the Saturday – a love parcel from Candy, she sent me the stuffs which she help to buy during her trip to Japan and she gave me some surprises to. In the parcel she sent me and lil Jo X'mas gift.

Candy, I <3 you!

She wrapped the stuff in a big box!

My stuffs from Japan!

SANA Spring Eyelash Curler, Rohto Lycee Eyes Drops

Coffret D'or E/S Palette she help me to get from Kanebo Warehouse Sale

X'mas pressie for me.

I like this keychain from kimmi junior!, only me, Wing and Miu have this :)
I got the Sooki doll

She decanted some body cream form Lush for me to try!
Limited Edition exclusively for Japan!

X'mas pressie for lil Jo. Lil Jo kept holding the bottle whole night until today he still remember Aunt Candy bought him this.

He likes the cookies!

I luv the pressie. I luv you babe!




Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

hahaha... i am glad that you love the pressie!! And i can see lil jo happy face!!!

Miu said...

wow.. nic enice... where is mine sob sob

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